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Comment Re:I say welcome to the party, pal! (Score 1) 92

It would appear so on the surface, but let's delve a bit deeper. I see a poster below had given some reasons as well. Let me add mine. China, I believe has be subversively engaging us in trade wars. Our debt to them is not what I would call an act of kindness. I am talking about the flooding of our markets with goods produced at a labor cost that drives American industry into the dirt, taking along with it our economy. I feel one needs to equate these acts of damage to that of warfare, because one doesn't need bombs and guns to destroy or subjugate a nation.

Now I can understand the grand struggle between nations and cultures. China is a very old nation, and perhaps hails the oldest of civilizations on the planet. It pains me greatly that our intellects aren't sharing, and helping each other thrive as good friends and neighbors. What disappoints me most is these personal attacks upon the personage of our country. These "cyber attacks" aren't something new. They antagonistic and exploitative in nature. I am a great admirer of Asian culture in general with its social structures, its respect for elders, and its well defined sense of honor.

What I am not appreciative of is the disrespect show to us as a people; I can understand the struggle between the authorities and the powers that be. But these attacks are done so with impunity, they are winked at and possibly patriotic to them. I don't believe that these are so much done by the State as much as they are by lesser entities, factions, individuals. Their State has been accused of backing this or at least with the "Great Firewall of China", they should know about it.

This to me, shows a contempt for us all, from head to toe from China. I do not think that they have an iota of respect for us, because if they did, they wouldn't insult our culture on a personal level. (Blowing up my Purples for puny amounts of Gold, I would knock your teeth out with my fist if you did that near me IRL.) That is a cultural insult, and it's coming from a culture that understands respect and honor, yet blatantly saying "FUCK YOU" with their continuous, and growing more bolder actions of aggression in this realm that they seem to think they can act from with impunity.

I'm not advocating we carpet bomb them all to hell with thermal nukes, but I am saying we need to "Fuck them up!" Something to the equivalent of knocking someone flat on their ass when they are doing offensive actions that compel any normal person to react. I think if we don't, they will perceive it as weakness, and it will encourage them to be bolder and more aggressive towards us to what ends, it's anyone's guess. We need a well thought out, appropriate response, that brings about in the long run, peace and enlightenment for all. I learned as a child that sometimes you have to knock someone's block off, and you would be amazed at how agreeable and down right friendly and cooperative they can be afterwards.

Comment I say welcome to the party, pal! (Score 0) 92

Chinese hacking you? You don't say? They have been messing with us for as long as I can remember. They will ding your firewall so many times that it stops being amusing and starts to give one a nasty attitude. Let's couple that with how they will hack your MMO accounts, rip off your items, sell them to venders if they have to so that they can farm gold. The way they disrespect us by messing with our gaming culture to me is rude. We don't go messing with their entertainment, or messing with their computers. To me it shows how disrespectful, and antagonistic they are.

I think we should hammer them for it. They are way overdue for retribution of the nastiest sort in my opinion.

Comment How about our people first? (Score 1) 689

How about we educate our own damn people first? Secondly, this is our damn country, and both political parties have failed their Constitutional oath in protecting our borders. It's now to the point that we are overran and will have to resort to force to reclaim it. Mexico brazenly flaunts their silent invasion of this country. The cheap labor has be exploited to destroy our middle class and their unions. We are going to have to get damn nasty about this and it's a shame.

You have to understand that both sides of the political coin in our government are corrupted beyond measure. They have to go, and this means people have to get their heads out of the old schools of thinking. The Right has violated our Constitution with the Patriot Act and garbage like "Citizen's United", and now the Left is wanted to shred our 2nd Amendment. Again, it's two sides of the same corrupted political coin.

First thing on the agenda, Wall Street needs held accountable for their crimes and treason. The greatest rip off crime in history will not go unanswered for. We need to give this government an enema, flush out the vermin running it and go after our enemies within. If we don't, we are headed for the biggest crash of a country the world as ever seen. This house of cards can't stand in the storm that is coming.

Comment Fire more drones!! (Score 0) 45

I say fire more drones!!! Let's get a Tonka set over there. Someone float me a couple of billion dollars. I will set us up some Tonka toys over there. Hell yeah, they will pay for themselves pronto. Rent time out on them to uber rich people. AND do some major exploration and set up some communications arrays. We need broadband there, right? And the moon. Moon Base Tonkas as well.

Look, we need the entire race of humans putting some funtime facetime in on drone control. Human minds are some awesome things. Cheap and seriously resilient to harsh environments. We have to think out of this box called Earth, quickly because WTF was that which just went blazing by?

Comment Re:you're ignorant beyond belief (Score 3, Insightful) 294

I feel your pain. I read through this and can see talking point propaganda every step of the way. It baffles the imagination that such mindesets can exist in the modern information age. But wait, it will only get worse. Notice the use of the term "Marxist". It's a buzz word for them, it allows them to excuse their actions and thoughts towards those that don't agree with them. It's a mob mentality that wants to take a baseball bat to your head in a fit of rage.

They have been fed hate filled nationalistic "religion" based propaganda by "hate radio" and Faux News for years now. This is carefully cultivated and well crafted propaganda that Goebbels would get an erection over. As this election draws nearer and the pressure builds exponentially in the days before and after it, this propaganda will come to fruition. Regurgitating the lies will not suffice and we will see violence from this ilk like this country has never seen. You can smell the madness between the lines even now.

For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Weapons grade propaganda doesn't just vanish like smoke when the politicians and their puppet masters are done spewing it on the masses. There are minds steeped in it, poisoned with hate; there are consequences.

Comment Re:Fucking insane (Score 2, Interesting) 133

Here is the problem with that; we're producing bumper crops of retarded kids. Yes, the Facebook dwelling, console gaming, dope smoking idiots that we produce are hardly capable of delivering pizza. Do you know what our education systems focus on? SPORTS, yes indeed. Fuck math, science and all that jazz, little Johnny needs to worry about ball games, that's his ticket. We can produce some modern gladiators but it seems little else with our fucked in the head priorities.

You can blame a lot of factors for this, and it's been happening for about two generations, education and the quality of people we produce is in a free fall decline. We shouldn't be importing brains, we should be exporting them. But we're not, we're fucked. Go to the hospitals and see who's working on you these days. Everyone you see has a thick accent, and guess why? We can't fill these positions with "white people" because they're too fucking retarded for the jobs.

Go find you an old professor to talk to about this and be ready for an earful. They will tell you about how we used to have standards and now we just pass them on through for the money. If you flunk them like they should be, you will be out of a job. This kind of insanity starts way before college in k-12, when little Johnny flunks something and the parents get a lawyer and sue you for flunking their little precious. K-12 is a babysitting service not an education system. Their first years in college if not more, are used to fill in what the fuck they should already know.

We as a society do NOT value education near as much as we should. It's fucking shameful. AND here's a bitch about the numbers. India and China each prospectively produce more honor students than we produce in students period. Did you catch that? Let me repeat it. They each have more honor students than we have students. How the fuck do you think that is going to play out in the future?

Not to mention our politics are killing us. We have even dumber people in politics. We aren't in "fix it" mode, we are in "pillage and run for the hills" mode. Industrialism is dead here, it's about pillaging natural resources before anyone figures out just how fucked we are. Why? Because manufacturing and labor couldn't come to some kind of a truce where one wasn't burning the other to the fucking ground. Manufacturing took their ball and went home with the help of bought and paid for politicians who opened the door for them to trot the fuck out of the country. Now American labor is standing around with their cock in their hands wonder WTF happened.

It's all seriously fucked because the ecology of the economy is broken and like a tree that's roots have been chopped up, it's all dead wood, waiting for a storm to blow it over into a heap. Well, guess what? The old myth of our economy being best during a war was trotted out and it fell flat on it's face as we are now so far in debt for that epic stupidity, that we will never see light again in our lifetimes. Yes indeed, we shot our wads on two shit for brains backwater countries that do absolutely NOTHING for our money, but keep draining our wallets, and fucking up our best kids.

In the mean time, we have a political puppet show of two asshole parties that have proven to be nothing but political whores for whomever pays them the most. Either side would rather watch the country burn to the ground than hand the other a bucket of water to put it out. It's all about the God damned money and power for them, they are nothing but fucking puppets, jumping for whatever asshole entity that wants to pillage us some more. Face it, the rich here can see the ship is sinking and like rats they are abandoning ship. They wring every last dime they can out of us on the way out and down.

It's looking like the Great Depression for many of our people. We're bailing water, not steaming ahead. These visas aren't a fix, they are a patch to stop the air leaking from our tires so we can get to the gas station, which is closed. Do you think it's going to get better? The babyboomers are just starting to retire and sweet Jesus there are a lot of them. We don't have the replacements for them, nor the resources as we are going to support them. We're seriously fucked and so are they if we don't rethink things pronto. If we can't get a handle on our back breaking medical costs, we're going to do a "presto chango" magic act trick of transforming into a 3rd world country overnight.

Right now we have an election coming up. We have two parties that are locked in a death struggle. Shit is not going to get done when obstructionism is the marching orders of the day. When it's this locked up, one side has to lose and lose big so the other side can get some work done. Good or bad, the work has to be done or we just swirl the drain until we fall in it. I'm frankly voting balls out Democrat across the board. It's not that I like their values such as gay marriage or shit like that, it's that the Republicans have lost their fucking minds and just want to help the rich pack up every cent out of us while they can. They want to gut the EPA so that we fuck everything up even worse that it is so it will not matter if your kids are poor the planet will be seriously fucked anyway. They want to gut education and any social program so they can have a military budget to go prancing into another fucked in the head war. I've also watched the cocksuckers fight any and all legislation that would move the country forward just so that they could have a wrecked economy to campaign on.

Hell, I voted for Bush TWICE, but holy fuck, you have to take a bow and let those elected lead instead of pitching a fit like a spoiled child in the supermarket. I watched my party fucking implode and elect these fucking idiot Teabaggers. I've never seen nationalism played so hard by rich puppet masters in my life. It's down right balls out fascism. Fuck it, why not? Why not just go balls out and push the country over into pure fascism? It's already seriously fucked, and Sweet Jesus the people are damn dumb enough to buy into it. It's like watching a game of Risk and after so long and the armies are piled up everywhere, someone finally snaps and goes wild.

Well damn it, I'm not ready to throw our kids back into another fucking war because the God damn Jews want Iran wiped off the map. I'm not ready to throw Grandma and crippled, or retarded people under the bus so we can have more money for the military. I'm sorry, I'm really partial to things like a Post Office, roads, fire departments, police departments, schools, and all that over commie pinko socialist shit. I'm not ready to throw people to the wolves and watch them turn into fucking starved zombie-like creatures rooting in the trash for a bite to eat. Fuck no, especially when we have entire nations sucking on the welfare tit. Fuck them, our people and our infrastructure come first. If they didn't fuck with their neighbors and we didn't stand behind them with a big stick, they might have to make peace and get alone instead of pissing everyone off. Fuck propping up other countries with our military so that they can spend their money on their industries and infrastructure to compete with us and beat us out of our own money.

I hate being thrown in with Democrats, some of their base I want to throw in a gunny sack and toss in the river like unwanted kittens or puppies. But sometimes when one side runs so far out one direction, you are moved geometrically in political alignments. Let me give a simple illustration.

Left =======Middle======Right = Normal political balance.

Left=======Middle====================Right = when the Right goes too far right. Look at the middle, it's like Sweet Jesus, I'm now on the Left, thanks you fuckers. It works the other way, but lets face it, the Right has floorboarded it off to the right so far we need the Hubble Telescope to find them. Thank hate radio and Fox News for their outstanding work in Rightwing propaganda for this horseshit. Do I like bitching about it? Fuck no, I was loving Fox News when they first came out, CNN was the Communist News Network and I was tired of having to turn my TV on it's right side to counter their left slant. But holy shit when Obama got elected, they lost their fucking minds collectively. I remember when Bush was President, Democrats hated it, but they could be arm twisted into working with him. I fucking hated it when they were obstructionists, and yes they were pricks about it, especially after 9/11, they fucking dragged their feet in regards to stimulus and I wanted to slap them all in the face. But holy fuck, Republicans took obstructionism to a higher level and made an art form out of it to the point of "fuck the country" who cares if it burns or it's credit rating tanks.

I say fire the cocksuckers, vote Democrat across the board, just because. Yup, I'm voting for the Kenyan Muslim and his faggot loving socialist friends, instead of the Mormon Tabernacle Liar and his fuck-you-over corporate tax dodging warmongering buddies. What a completely bullshit situation we are in.

Comment Re:Now bring it all together. (Score 1) 82

Forget operatives, lets get away from that pesky element. Let's deliver payloads of small surveillance drones to areas, tap their communications lines, set up listening posts with them. We could coordinate them with satellites, or my favorite idea, small balloon/zeppelins, drop communication link drones along the way like a chain so you have secure communications. Perhaps even work some some line of sight data communications, so that RF isn't involved in case the bag guys are a bit tricksy.

This way, there are acres of plausible deniability, especially when you load them up with self destruct mechanisms. Whoopsie! It's been found/caught, oh well. KA FUCKING BOOM. You can't do that with operatives.

But why fuck with explosives when you could use something small like that to deliver something more subtle? Poisons, biological agents, chemical agents, all those fun things that require extensive lab work to figure out WTF is going on. A lovely dose of the right neurotoxin and said bad guy is toast, no collateral damage and if they don't suspect drones, they will be pointing fingers at each other saying "OK, who the fuck poisoned so and so??" Hell, you could use a drone to drop off evidence and set another fucker up, get them fighting each other. Just set back, eat popcorn and watch the drone feeds, giving hi fives until it becomes a cliche'.

Drones and mini drones and all that jazz is where it's at as long as the fuckers keep them off of US soil and air.

Comment Now bring it all together. (Score 1) 82

Now you just put the guy in a vehicle, link the weapons systems to it, link drone control to it, network it all back to a control hive. Write the interface up like a game.

I love this kind of stuff. We need it in case we have to fight the screaming hordes who out number us, or if we want to be sneaky sneaky and take out nasty bastards who hide in other countries where we can't put boots on the ground without lead in the air.

So, everyone stop panicking, unless you are douchebag bad guys, let's embrace the madness.

Comment Re:I'm probably being tapped as we speak. (Score 1) 326

Such leet hacks!! I just replied to another poster pointing this out.

The title reminded me of the X "no such agency" guy who was telling all about how they monitor everything. Our fine feathered friend has most assuredly made some "lists". But he's just another number, as we all are, and our entire lives are monitored, tracked, labeled, and studied. I'm sure algorithms are tracking us for threat potential. The tech is here, and it's what I would be doing if I was in charge and I was an evil fuck.

Here's the rub, it's a complicated, crooked, fucked up world full of assholes. Not everyone can be a 9 to 5 drone, happy in their little world of blissful ignorance. Someone has to work through all of this shit, and get dirty, sort through it and hope the world doesn't blow the fuck up in the process. Trying to keep up with this ever shifting landscape of trouble is a nightmare, especially when your own side causes a great deal of it.

Sure we create solutions that are shitty. We create weapons that will come and bite us on the ass later. But it's what we do in the moment, and hope we live to regret it. Remember, we are dealing with people, they can be intelligent and dumb as fuck at the same time. Factor that into any organization, any government, any agency, etc. Life is messy and it's a wonder its not one big shit storm of chaos. If we can keep it down to a dull roar so that we can at least enjoy our morning breakfast cereal, it's a good job.

Comment Re:I'm probably being tapped as we speak. (Score 1) 326

LOL, I missed that at the end. I can see why, he's a bit ranty. I tend to skip over ranty stuff, probably because it reminds me of myself too much. I think the poster is like many others, they smell the bullshit in the air, but can't quite put a finger on what is going on, hence the levels of frustration.

Comment Re:I'm probably being tapped as we speak. (Score 1) 326

So, how do you know where he is from? I found that to be kind of creepy. I don't know how to find that kind of information about a poster, did I miss something? Or is this some kind of creepy veiled threat? Again unless I missed some way to figure out where a poster is from this smacks of "We know who you are and where you are, bitch all you want, but make a move and you are toast."

Sedition really is the thing they are worried about. An "American Spring" is what they want to avoid. I think they have that aspect nailed down pretty good all things considered.

Comment Re:I'm probably being tapped as we speak. (Score 1) 326

You are most certainly being tapped and watched. But you are pretty much harmless and clueless. You can smell the bullshit, but you haven't figure it out. If you did figure out, you wouldn't be here shooting your mouth off about it. But they will watch you to see if you do and what you will do about it. And if you do try to do something about it, you will be a fuck up and they will not only catch you, but other idiots whom you have informed of it, who want to try something.

So do yourself a favor, forget about it. Shut up about it. Watch your sports, play your internet games, and be a good little drone.

Comment Re:Do you trust your government? (Score 1) 374

I look at it as a trial balloon floated by the puppet masters who play the western governments in their show. You got to see if the sheep bleat to loud about it. If you try a little here, and a little there, it all starts to collect in the whole. Monkey see, monkey do.

Does anyone else wonder what kind of monster A.I. they have in some basement sifting through all of this data? Ponder that one for a while if you dare.

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