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Comment Re:News Flash (Score 4, Interesting) 626

Compared and contrasted to addiction to other substances, weed rates pretty low on the "Omfg i got to have it" scale. Booze is way far more addictive, so is smoking and caffeine. Not to mention it doesn't even stand close to the company it keeps with cocaine, heroine, crack, meth. etc. etc.

Science these days is so corrupted with politics and agendas. Anyone can get a lab rat geek with a degree to skew data. I would have loved to see a side by side run of this experiment with booze and other substances.

For me, this one is grasping at straws. It's an intoxicant and it has no place around children, just like booze and cigarettes and some would argue caffeine. I mean if this is the best that they can come up with, it's pretty pathetic. When I factor this versus the bullshit I have seen my entire life on the subject versus real life results helping cancer, aids, and MS patients, I have to ponder did another "scientist(s)" sell out and give us more junk science/propaganda? I find the timing on it suspect considering we are coming up on a SCOTUS trial on moving weed down out of schedule 1 substances.

Comment Re:As if the truth about all that isn't just as... (Score 1) 333

I know, I suck, I don't know or care, I just read the articles, comments and post something if it strikes me. I got to looking at that icon, and thought, did I mark this guy this way? I never pay attention to names. I could agree with my worse enemy or gut shoot my best friend in here and not know it. I just give a shit about the information, or the ideas presented. To me it's a realm of pure thought or lack thereof. Clicky things bring me I hate mod points. I figured out how to deal with them. IGNORE THEM..mwaahahaha... fuck off with the moderation duty. I'm a prick about modding anyway, it's all about my whims.

I like your sig.

Comment Re:As if the truth about all that isn't just as... (Score 1) 333

I'm sure they would like to know there are jobs at home for them. I'm sure you can imagine though that combat infantry skill sets have a very hard niche to fill in the civilian market. If you don't think rebuilding infrastructure takes technical skills you are wrong. Think "smart roads", integration of our technologies into the system, innovation to marvel at. We don't just need strong backs and weak minds, but also our best and brightest minds. We could at least meet Google halfway in their efforts or something?

Think of this, if a guy can work a job driving a tank around in a desert, then a switch over to heavy construction equipment operation and support isn't such a stretch. Do they want to do that? Who knows, but I'd like to think they have better options that just being dropped back into this shitty, job starved economy. It's not perfect, if you have better ideas, offer them up.

Comment Re:As if the truth about all that isn't just as... (Score 1) 333

But it can be done, just because it's not easy, doesn't mean we don't try. If we can't honor our vets, what the fuck kind of assholes have we become? Honor doesn't just mean having a little parade and wave flags at them. Right? Or did I miss a memo?

Here's a tough problem. We have a shitty economy, and we have these vets coming home to a job market that is brutal, on the ropes. Imagine being National Guard members, holy fuck! Are we going to be able to recruit for it ever again after this? Anyway, I am just spit-balling, looking for a solution to stick to the wall. Why am I offering them? I fucking suck at solutions, ask my fans. We pay people good money to be smart and work things out and all they seem to do is fight like monsters.

To tangent back onto the meat and potatoes of the thread; I thought the big issue with this was the guy was posting to himself, like a personal log, and somehow this is showing up as reason to take this guy into custody. Meaning it would seem that "they" are farming data, key words especially, in our private stuff. Holy Orwellian Creepiness Batman! It's a "wtf?" moment and suddenly he's back out on the street. Did you see that? Was it just me? Was that a conspiracy thing?

I think that in the obvious tail spin chasing the pretzel logic of him being back on the street if he's obviously that fucked up, has us overlooking that point? Unless I missed something....right? I'm sure I will be

Comment Re:As if the truth about all that isn't just as... (Score 2) 333

That's not very respectful of people who went and fought a war for their country. I'm not saying get rid of the Internet either, Jesus! I'm saying people get worked up over cracked pot conspiracies. Couple that with PTSD or God knows what other kind of stress these vets have to deal with. Throw in some injuries, some pain, some medication, and you have a recipe for trouble, no?

I don't think training people for war, putting them through a war, and when it's over, just dropping them off at the curb is a good idea. Help provide skill sets/education and jobs if they want/need them, so they aren't left with a bleak future. Homeless veterans, shouldn't that be a concept that disturbs us?

Comment Re:As if the truth about all that isn't just as... (Score 1) 333

"Let's build it here, fuck them". I mean Afghanistan and Iraq. We build the living shit out of those countries, costing our tax payers fortunes that should have been spent here. They meaning Iraq and Afghanistan need to build something, pony up, be worthy of the sacrifices, don't just let it all fall to shit. Add to the sum of what has been done, that kind of thing.

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