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Comment Re:If You're Late to the Party (Score 1) 609

How so? In what way is it different from the way that multi-tasking is implemented in the operating systems of yore. Apple has devised a clever modern method of paging out data to disk and putting processes to sleep that gives the illusion of multi-tasking while still allowing certain things to run in the background.

Comment Re:Wayland can host X (Score 1) 640

My point is, most of the programs on a Wayland running machine will expect the Wayland backend. Thus, legacy terminals will be unable to use them. Wayland is backwards compatible on the display server side, but not on the display client side. This means that upgrading is not completely easy. X servers are available for most platforms, but what is the point in installing programs using X display backends on a Wayland machine?

Comment Re:Wayland can host X (Score 2, Insightful) 640

However, if there are programs on a Wayland machine that others want to run remotely in an X-server they will be unable to. All machines on the Wayland machine will expect a Wayland server. So, while Wayland users can access X programs remotely, X users will be unable to use Wayland programs remotely in the same way.

Comment Re:Expensive (Score 1) 439

Baltimore city schools work this way for high schools with the exception that everyone has a guaranteed fall back. Students have to apply to a high school and there are high school fairs. The caveat is that no one wants to go to their fall back since it is usually a garbage heap.

Comment Re:Why I no longer believe in global warming (Score 1) 414

There was an intriguing website I can't remember the address to that basically said it is a game-theoretic dominating strategy for a Socialist to proselytize AGW. The reasoning was that Socialists desire government control of the economy. If AGW exists then our children don't die off and massive government regulation of the economy is introduced. If AGW doesn't exist then massive government regulation of the economy is introduced.

Comment Re:remote control for Emergency is bad as all it t (Score 1) 553

Yeah. I know little about aviation, but I seem to recall one of the last ditch efforts to restart the engines in the event they fail is to go into a dive. Imagine this attempt being made and then the ground link cutting out. Suddenly you have a plane in a dive and no one to bring the nose back up.

Comment Re:Waste (Score 1) 553

And what happens if the pilot has a stroke or heart attack and is unable to direct the plane to land. At this point, the airplane will simply fly until it runs out of fuel and with the new re-inforced doors on the aircraft even cross trained flight attendants would be unable to get in and take over the controls. The only option then would be to force the pilot to press a button to prove he's still with it ever so often, but then how do you design such a system to ensure it is robust in minimizing false positives such that the pilot doesn't spend half the time proving to the plane he's flying that he is still capable of flying it.

Comment Re:Culprit ? (Score 1) 376

The problem now is that its not so obvious where one ends and the other begins. I'm pretty sure everyone can agree that the producers of the $1 knockoffs floating out of Asia should be nailed to the wall. On the other hand, modern technology has given p2p users the ability to mass reproduce films at the same rate as aforementioned Asian bootleggers.

Comment Re:Interesting Spin in the Summary (Score 1) 416

Because, free software isn't a reference to price and said freedom loving developer would like to get paid while still sharing his code with the masses. This is a great thing for free software. All of the code can be completely free and the developers can still get compensated for their time. Its identical to the way sourceforge hosts open source projects but is add supported. This way, its the developer getting compensated directly instead of having to rely on a 3rd party charity to host their code. Sure, enterprising users could patch out the adds, just as enterprising users can find open source software at places other than sourceforge, but most won't bother and thats a good thing.

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