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Comment Re:anyone remember friendster? (Score 1) 373

Can you think of anything else as plain? If you do a google search for mike adams, you'll find that there are literally thousands of them.

Well, holy shit. I just did a search for Trentthethief. Who else has been using this nickname? Damn it.

I guess it was inevitable. Now I need to consider whether or not to continue with it.

Comment Re:anyone remember friendster? (Score 2) 373

You're sadly mistaken, youngster.

Many people with more knowledge than you frequently use SSH tunneling through semi-private servers for certain tasks. As for browser fingerprint, those services that are specifically designed for privacy/anonymity (NB) remove those characteristics. You've also forgotten the extensive fan bases of Adblock Plus and NoScript. Advertisers know less about everyone than you think. Of course, there are always people who don't worry about anonymity or aren't familiar enough with the idea (despite their grandchildren's best efforts).

If you're leaving tracks, it's because you are not diligent enough to mask them. You can probably find a goodly number of google hits for me, but only at a few sites. And I'll bet you can't tie me to any of the several psuedonyms I've used for a period and then discarded since I registered on Slashdot many years ago. Only for this nice, low UID, do I still use TrentTheThief.

Comment Re:I'm Trent the Thief, and I approve this message (Score 1) 341

Look to that cellphone tower as the first steps toward getting some form of wifi to everyone. It's not going to be instant, but it's a hell of a lot faster than electricity rolled out. I remember houses in the rural area outside of my hometown that had handpumps in the yard and the kitchen, and outhouses. Some didn't have electricity and phone, or water. Now they have power, phone, water, and city sewage treatment.

It's a large country and big infra changes don't happen quickly.

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