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Comment Re:And... (Score 1) 324

Working in Silverlight right now, and I completely agree. I never thought I'd find a more screwed-up mess of markup and code than the usual web technologies (HTML,/CSS/JavaScript), but with Silverlight, M$ managed to create one.

Comment What gets me about SQL databases (Score 1) 194

I hate updating data using SQL. The need to have both INSERT and UPDATE statements, with their very different syntaxes, is a considerable drag on my time. I've worked with non-SQL DBMSs in the past, and it can be so very much easier.
Don't get me wrong, there's a lot I like about SQL, but my ideal database would support SQL for queries, but also provide simpler mechanisms for read by key and create/update/delete operations.

Comment Glossy sets and magic tech? Just say "no". (Score 1) 228

I enjoyed 6 well enough, but 7 and 8 lost me completely. Bringing back the annoying, superior Kochansky and losing the gritty, mining-ship feel of the sets and costumes did not go down well with me. Moreover, I liked the limited cast of the original seasons, so bringing back the crew didn't work for me either.

I'm also going to say that the nanobots were some of the most annoying dei ex machinae I've come across as well. Magic tech is fine, but only as long as it doesn't become godlike.

And that's without going into the writing. As others have pointed out, Grant/Naylor made a great team. Either one on his own, not so much.

Maybe I'm wrong, and they could succeed in rebooting the series, but I very much doubt it.


Experiment Shows Not Washing Jeans for 15 Months is Disgusting But Safe 258

dbune writes "Young people who argue with their parents over wearing the same pair of smelly jeans can now cite the work of a 20-year old University of Alberta student who wore the same jeans for 15 months straight. From the article: 'Josh Le wore the same pair of jeans to break in the raw denim, so it would wrap the contours of his body, leaving distinct wear lines. He had his textile professor test the jeans for bacteria before washing them for the first time. The results showed high counts of five different kinds of bacteria, but nothing in the range of being considered a health hazard."

Comment Re:ADMIRED??? (Score 1) 470

JP II was just another hidebound arsehat who blocked progress in all bust the least important directions. Condoms were off the table, and pedo-priests were at least as well shielded as they are today.

JP I, now, was showing some promise, which is probably why he had to go.

Comment Re:Keep up or shut up (Score 1) 785

Bingo. I'm an old fart, but I always (well, mostly <g>) enjoy learning new tech.

I will add that it's not surprising that young hotshots get paid for the new tech that they know, if it's a scarcity economy. If the tech becomes pervasive, they can expect to suffer a significant haircut in future contracts. Consider the new guys as something akin to iPads. Give 'em a year, and they'll be old hat, and people won't be willing to pay quite so much.

That said, if you get left behind even further, you'll be worth about as much as a 486 running Windows 95. Try to keep up, OK?

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