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Comment I added another FF user today (Score 3, Informative) 422

I helped a family friend setup their new computer (which had Windows 7 on it) and the first thing I did was download Firefox 3.5, installed the IE Aero theme and removed any references to IE I could find. The nice thing with this theme is very few non-technical users notice a difference other than their browser seems to load pages faster.

Comment To Facebook's Credit... (Score 1) 446

When user's stage a revolt, much like this Slashdot posting is doing, they typically listen to the users and make some changes. All it takes a group or two with a few hundred thousand users (the site has 350 million) and they take notice.

My only complain would be if Facebook listed me in the search engine results, which they currently allow me to disallow this. The reason being is I prefer my person website to rank 1st in Google over all these other sites I'm on.

Comment From Somebody Without a Job (Score 1) 410

Like others have mentioned, see if you can get compensation for the extra time / new responsibilities. If not take the job and do what you have to. Just consider yourself fortunate to have a job. And remember, it's a lot easier to look for a new job while you already have one rather than if your unemployed.

That is sort of the unfortunate thing about moving up the ladder is the higher you get, the less work you actually do and the more managing of others you do. Some people prefer to be the ones actually outputting work, while others don't mind getting paid a bit more and doing less of the day to day stuff.

Comment Vista was fine, I blame Apple (Score 1) 414

I have Vista, and have been using it for a year or two now. I had issues early on, but discovered that it wasn't Vista but a bad RAM stick that was giving me grief. I really have no qualms about the operating system. Personally I think Apple is the one to blame about the public perception of Vista. Microsoft's marketing has focused on their own product and tried to keep the mud slinging to a minimum while Apple decide to directly speak to Microsoft and bash them during their marketing campaign. I guess we can see what the public responds to better. No wonder politicians campaign the way they do.

I hate to knock on wood but I have to wonder if Apple will stick the course with Windows 7 as well.

Comment You Can Make Your Friends List Private (Score 1) 508

Facebook have a very extensive privacy control area of the site where you can lock your profile down however you want. You can even completely block every user on Facebook from viewing your profile (thus making it pointless to be on the site)

Another level of privacy is what you publicly offer up from your profile. You can make you entire profile open to the public or hide everything (including who your friends are). HR types love the dumb people who don't lock their profile down.

Probably the best setting to use is to only allow friends to view your profile, friends list, profile picture etc.

Comment Missing The Useful CSS Features (Score 1) 325

Opera still doesn't support border-radius or box-shadow, probably the two most important properties that make web designers life's easier. Safari (or really Webkit) seems to be doing all the innovating lately when it comes to CSS3 features with Firefox and Opera battling it out for 2nd place. Either way, as a developer I still prefer to use Firefox with all its useful developer tools and addons.

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