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Comment Re:This is Dan Lying Lyons (Score 1) 336

Apparently only two other folks noticed the fact that this is Dan Lyons.
Have to admit I don't know much about the SCO thing (except for what I've read about it in the aftermath) but I have noticed from his "tech articles" that he's a moron. I guess the fact that so few people have noticed this should not surprise me. After all, Newsweek hired him as a "technology editor" despite his overpowering stench.
Go figure.

Comment Re:Obsession (Score 1) 485

(You kids under 35 can skip this since you've never even heard of a pager!)
What is the difference between someone paging you and and the same person calling your iPhone but not leaving a message?
Your pager beeps and displays a phone number.
Your iPhone alerts you and displays a phone number.

Comment Re:Atom (Score 1) 275

That's funny!
I (stupidly) never considered that you might speak English as a second language (I totally understood your post.) I assumed from your sig that you enjoyed being a little sloppy to give "grammar nazis" some fun. I was just kidding you about it. No offense meant.
Keep up with posting. I promise I won't even joke about it again! ;-)

Comment Re:Atom (Score 1) 275

"Not really true when you is the maker from the system, and need to maintain the total cost low enougth to get a reasonable profit margin. And a netbook may do not have space to put lots of RAM, hardisk and stay low on power usage too.
Grammar Nazis loves me :)"

I's takes exception of yours word selection, usage, syntax and grammar! Where does you learn to rights?

BTW, I like your sig.

Comment Re:Apple has agreed to allow anyone to design an L (Score 1) 306

Surly the fact that Apple has created an open format and it is actually going to be open is no surprise to anyone of moderate intelligence?
This whole "Apple is a Meanie to Indie musicians" story was a tempest in a teapot from the start, as are about 95% of the negative stories about Apple (and probably the positive ones too) that appear on Slashdot and other tech sites.
Apple re DRM
Apple re open source
Apple re multi-touch on iPhone
Apple re web apps on iPhone
Apple re apps on iPhone
Macs are totally insecure
Macs are totally secure
Apple the horrible censor
Steve Jobs is dead
Steve Jobs is leaving
Steve Jobs walks on water
etc. etc.

Comment Re:Need help with Mac problem... (Score 1) 814

I don't want to start a holy war here, but . . .
transferring a file . . .
Can someone clue me in on this?
I know it's a joke, and yes it is funny in the way "variation on a theme" jokes are, I was just wondering if there is some Wikipedia article or something that explains the history of this joke.

Comment Re:Lexmark tried something like Apple (Score 1) 656

Yeah, right
Except any player can sync via the XML files, as many do without a problem.
It's more like Palm is some cheap-o counterfeit goods vendor labeling ink cartridges as genuine in an effort to foist off responsibility for incompatible ink onto the printer manufacturer.
If Palm was honest about identifying their hardware and they wrote their own syncing software there would be no problem. But then they would be responsible for their own product's performance and that's what they are trying to avoid.

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