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Comment Re:What happened? (Score 1) 964

This whole series of posts could almost be put in a classics book about left braan vs right brain. ;)

I rather enjoyed reading it.

In the end:
catmistake - they've failed before, it doesn't matter how they would be built today, they will fail again.
khallow - modern designs are far safer then almost all other reactors currently operational. ...

The fact that catmistake made some serious factual errors, yet still kept pushing his point is 'so' classic.
Khallow diminishing the loss of life will almost always cause the faint hearted to get mad.

I could keep pushing the comparisons, but it would be mean. ;)

My personal opinion is that all those articles comparing the fukushima accident with chernobyl are fear mongering. If my memories of 1 of the IEEE articles I read on fukushima was accurate, the larger radiation amounts are from low half time stuff, that will diminish quickly. So maybe things have changed since that article, but saying fukushima is as bad as chernobyl is stupid and fear mongering. As is chernobyl compared to coal mining and coal plants is laughable.
My over all opinion is that nuclear is the only way to go in the foreseeable future. That newer designs that are fail-safe, in that they will shut down automatically and safely if everything else fails, are the best bet till something like fusion comes along. I love the thought of solar panels, I would have them on my roof if the HOA didn't ban them, and they had a payoff time of more like 5 yrs instead of 20 yrs (been a while since I looked at data on it.)

Comment Re:Grand Central? (Score 1) 631

I like that sentiment. My most recent example is a senior programmers codes that was. if( HeavyDBCall() && LightFilteringCall() ) doThis(). A C++/C# programmer that was properly trained would laugh at that. While a VB programmer probably would have no clue. I modified that line to do the light filtering first, so the heavy db only ran when necessary. It left me wanting to ask where that senior programmer learned to code.

Comment Re:Black Isle (Score 1) 452

You get to sub class options at L7 and again at L14. A mage can become a shape shifter. To get this option, I believe you have to convince Morrigan to teach you. Or find a book for sale at one vendor or another, that teaches you. I am my second play through now. Graphics are good, though I have seen a lot of places they could be better. But. It is the story and game play that make this game great. imo

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