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Comment Re:Stole? (Score 1) 236

No, the scene where they used a big machine to cut through several levels of vault and then put the money into duffle bags that they carried with them proves that he stole the money. Shooting a hostage who was trying to help him in the head proves he was a criminal....you know what? Watch the damn movie yourself.

I mean of all the....damn people haven't even seen Die Hard.

Comment Re:jump: Afghanistan - Battleship? (Score 2) 212

In the first Iron Man film, Tony Stark is in a village in the Middle East and he kills a bunch of "bad guys" who are mixed in with a bunch of innocent civilians. He trivially distinguishes between his targets and the rest of the population.
This is bullshit.

Really? You're calling out a Superhero movie, because the guy in the impervious flying suit of armor equipped with future tech repulsor blasts and powered by a cold fusion reactor the size of a paperweight, didn't hit any civilians with his inch sized AI guided missiles? But the fact that he didn't slaughter civilians is the great lie that the movie is perpetrating?

Comment Re:Driver-less cars would eliminate car ownership (Score 1) 648


Well Zip Cars has already done pretty well for itself with a similar business model, so I don't see how this is stupid at all.

Of course since you're falsely equating a car to a house, perhaps this means you are not merely using your car for transportation. In that case I would agree, this would not be a good option for people who live in their cars.

Comment Re:Sudden outbreak of common sense, I guess (Score 4, Funny) 370

Eh? How does that work, exactly?

How does one tell the difference between consensual sex with an animal, and animal rape? After the fact, and with no evidence that it wasn't consensual?

Well, you know, you're walking around town, turn a corner into a dark alleyway and come face to face with a ram and a pig, spinning around to leave you see a horse has your only escape blocked with his bulk. They've got a hungry look in their eyes and you know you're not getting out of this unscathed. The ram slams into your chest forcing you to the ground and you just keep on telling yourself not to let them see you cry.

Stop animal rape today. If you see something, say something or it could be your story some day.

Comment Re:Sports and political talk shows (Score 1) 648

Yeah, never really been a problem in NY or Texas, but perhaps you aren't the type to get to know a bar owner and get special permission to have your kid chill with you there. Never fear though, there really are plenty of restaurants that can double as a bar you can watch sports at, such as Applebee's, TGIF Friday's, Ruby Tuesdays, Chilli's, well you get the idea.

As for Becky's favorite shows, well I'm certain there's some form of medication for that.

Comment Re:An Example of Student Code of Conduct (Score 1) 466

Well then, if this is your public school policy I suggest that in the financial interests of your school, you should probably consult with a lawyer. The board of education likely doesn't have the authority to regulate the activities of children off school grounds, especially if their defense is a single party non-contractual statement. It would be like the city council passing a resolution that stated that any adult living in the city could be fined for using harsh language on the internet, it simply is beyond the scope of their granted power. In all likelihood your school district is open to a similar lawsuit by the ACLU, and as a school council representative it is your duty to try and protect your school from such liability.

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