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Comment Re:It's happened before... (Score 3, Insightful) 757

You're nearly right.

It was the Mongol invasions that destroyed Mesopotamia. One of the most significant losses was the sacking of the library of Baghdad. Eye witness accounts of this wrote that the river Tigris went black from the ink of the books that were thrown in.

It was the religious crazies that stopped it from regaining that knowledge.

That said, just because you aren't 100% correct about the Arabic countries doesn't mean that a nutter religious fanatic like Sarah Palin (who has said she wants creationism taught in science classes) should be allowed to run a country. IMHO I don't think the has enough about her to run her own bank account. People like this are weakening our gene pool and should not be allowed to breed.

Comment Re:My brother is on the list... (Score 0) 446

And you're racist.

The fact is that it isn't the "black and brown" coloured skin people that you are so quick to point out the difference between that is the problem. It is the home grown "pasty white trash" fanatical Muslim converts with blond hair and blue eyes that a potentially the problem.

No wonder you commented as an anonymous coward.

Comment Re:My brother is on the list... (Score 0) 446

Yes. I am scum.

I am one of those pieces of scum who fight for your freedom. I am a British Army soldier who has been out to Iraq and Afghanistan to fight for your freedom. Which is probably a hell of a lot more than you have done. However, at least you are willing to put your name to your comments. Unlike some Anonymous Cowards.

I hate the fact that people see the world in terms of black and white. Ever thought that things aren't so clear cut as you perceive them to be? If you are so interested in freedom, pick up a rifle and jump over the fence.

I wish there wasn't a need for people like me. I wish the world was a perfect place. I would love to walk through Mesopotamia's fertile crescent and see the cradle of civilisation, the birth place of the first University. I can't. To be modded down as a troll is well... Upsetting... To hell with it. So you can have your freedom lets remove all the security at airports and in harbours.

By the way. One of my jobs in the armed services is a Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear warfare instructor. I hope you never get to see what would happen within a couple of months if you got your wish.

Comment Re:The Republic (Score 1) 446

Don't you think you are being a little paranoid?

I bet you would be more pissed off if a member of your family got on a plane and and it blew up. Then you found out that the secret service had a tip about the person who committed the act. Bet you would be singing a different tune. Forgive me and no disrespect meant, but you are a hypocrite and you don't even know it.

Comment The truth? (Score 2) 579

The truth is that "the truth" has consequences. In this case posting 1000's of private documentation that contains information that people may use in a decision on whether or not to go to war is wrong . Would it have been right for Wikileaks to publish the fact that Prince Harry was in Afghanistan? No.

If they want people to know the truth I think that is great and I personally believe that people should search out the truth. However sometimes knowing the truth can, will, and has in the past cost lives.

Quick scenario: Wikileaks releases secret information that says that the crown prince of Saudi Arabia wants America to bomb Iran. Iran takes objection to this (quite rightfully) and instead of waiting for America to bomb them, they decide to test their first Atomic weapon on.... You guessed it, Saudi Arabia.

Now tell me; Is it right for Wikileaks to release all this information?

With great power comes great responsibility; Wikileaks are not being responsible. This could cost people their lives. Maybe even the people at Wikileaks. Not all countries will take this lying down.

Flame away.

Comment Solar-powered? (Score 2, Interesting) 87

Did they use solar power to create the helium? Since the helium produces the lift, to be solar-powered it would also need to produce the helium. Running a couple of propellers isn't new. Check out the Helios aircraft from NASA for a true solar-powered aircraft. http://www.nasa.gov/centers/dryden/history/pastprojects/Helios/

Comment Too fat for first? (Score 1) 940

Since none of you have actually mentioned this. I don't believe that Mr Smith would be travelling in coach or business class. I am sure that he has enough money to travel first class. Now not being rich myself I can't say for sure that they get a seat that doesn't touch anybody else. Maybe the adverts on TV are lying and that first class is much the same a coach. Somehow I doubt it though. Hell maybe Mr Smith is tight and careful with his money and does travel coach. What do I know.

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