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Comment Re:this is not a huge problem (Score 1) 859

You know as well as I do, that as soon as you did 1., one of the nerds on wikipedia would AfD it for the subject being non-notable: which it would be without mentioning the murder. Anyway, it's nice that people are in favor of the killers having a "normal life." Now, can we grant the same to the victim?

Comment Well (Score 1) 396

I still remember back when you didn't have to have a domain to be taken seriously. Magazines would list informative websites that were hosted on geocities. More often than not, though, you'd wind up at a page written by a wannabe anarchist or a script kiddie. This page would look horrible, have some 50kb .wav greeting you, and almost always have a black or .gif background. Yes, that includes my own geocities page from back in 96. Yes, geocities. You were terrible. But we'll miss you anyway. This post best viewed in Netscape Navigator. Under construction. 010013 hits and counting! Part of the kuribo post webring.

Comment This would work alot better... (Score 1) 1

If copyright law weren't so subjective. I mean, it's all well and good to sue YOU for $4 billion, but let's face it.... no judge is going to order Sony to pay back the precedented amount. Remember the John McCain YouTube thing? All his campaign had to do was take down the video. Had that been you or me, our YT accounts would have been closed.

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