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Comment A return to "modern math"? (Score 1) 474

Some of you are old enough to have experienced "modern math", the kind of math that was taught in many schools in the US. I personally experienced it in school in California. I once found a first-year algebra "new math" text book at a rummage sale once that had "extra for experts" sections that were lessons in PL/1 programming. Keep in mind this book was published in the early 1970s. You'd need access to an IBM mainframe (or other computer that had a PL/1 compiler) to actually run your own programs. It was sort of a crazy idea then because not many high schools had access to computers in 1970. (Yes, Bill Gates was very lucky!) But it makes a lot more sense today. Computers are everywhere, most kids have access to them somewhere, programming tools that cost no money are very common, and (this is probably the most important thing) the programming languages available today are far more powerful and, in many cases, simpler to write than any that I can think of available in 1970 with the exception of Basic. So, IMHO, not a bad idea.

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Submission + - Best Linux virtualization platform?

tji writes: I've been trying several Linux distributions, trying to find the best free software platform for virtualization on my home Linux server. There are a lot of interesting possibilities, but it seems like most of the available solutions are a bit immature. XenSource's XenExpress is semi-free, and has good management tools, but is functionality limited. The latest Fedora Core or Ubuntu version have claimed virtualization support, but were weak at best in terms of the complete solution usability, documentation, and management apps. KVM is another option, but it's not as far along as Xen, and I haven't seen any good management apps for it. Then, there are the "jail" virtualization solutions, like OpenVZ and VServer. Can any Xen hosts also support these?

There are almost too many options. Do any Slashdotters have recommendations for a good host OS for virtualization, and good management apps to control the VM structure?

Submission + - New AACS Processing Key Discovered

An anonymous reader writes: The movie studios recently released new HD-DVDs that can no longer be circumvented using the infamous 09 F9... AACS processing key that floated around the Net last month, but today a new key has surfaced. Like hundreds of other readers of Freedom-To-Tinker's "Own Your Own Integer" story, someone named BtCB posted his "randomly generated" number in the comments, asking, "What are the odds that this is the new processing key?" As it turns out, BtCB's key was not so random, and, a week after he posted it, the hackers over at doom9 realized that it really is the new processing key. With this kind of hacker "luck," it doesn't look like AACS will last for long.

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