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Comment Re:Looks like the AG actually read the law (Score 0) 817

And this is not one of those situations where you want local authorities to use their best judgment and let slide just because it's a "good" organization.

No, it's one of those situations where you want local authorities to respect international treaties signed by the United States.

Or, you're claiming that the OSCE is a Klan cover, I'm not sure...

Comment Re:Words matter (Score 1) 178

The problem is that, in France, there are serious cases of police misconduct that need to be reported, e.g. in responses to demonstrations, treatment of suspects, and handling of investigation evidence.

And at the same time, people are being dicks to police because they, well, are dicks.

The heart of the issue is that there's really not much of a middle ground anyone trusts - French police groups are terrified that dicks will be dicks, and the people who put their stock in sites like Copwatch IdF don't trust the police or government to adequately investigate and prosecute police misconduct.

Comment Re:Terrible Hero (Score 1) 267

I am SO with you on this. I've always disliked Superman for many reasons, but mainly
  a) He's WAY overspecced so that no encounter is ever dangerous.
  b) Even though I know his reasons for being created (US Depression era), his Jingoism simply gets on my nerves.
  c) Theres no inner turmoil. In short, he's a dumb Jock who would have never graduated from High School.

This leaves us with very simplistic stories that fail to engage.

I'm bias though, because for me, Batman is the MAN.


Comment Re:Excellent time to sell (Score 2, Interesting) 267

Once, I was at a sci-fi collectables fair. One of the most popular stands was selling Beanie babies. My 1 year old daughter, whom I was carrying, started stretching out for one of the beanie babies (a small pig I think). I picked it up and asked how much. The vendor told me £30 or there abouts. Watched by the many other collectors who were all sifting through the stand, I bought the beanie baby pig, tore off the tag, and handed it to my daughter.

The silence around me was deafening... I quickly retreated to the Star Trek area, where at least they can take a joke.


PS. She's 12 now, and still has the beanie baby pig, without tag, and without most of it's fur.
PPS. I bought an original lobby poster of Star Trek V at that same fair, signed by Shatner. It's one of my most valuable collectables.

Comment Re:Remove automatic updates from your slipstream (Score 1) 658

Why use an illegal spyware ridden torrent copy ?

Just use nLite for customizing an XP install, or vLite for a custom vista* install. Both tools do a very good job of creating lightweight Windows installations.

(*although WHY anyone would still be running vista, is beyond me.)


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