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Comment Re:Sigh again (Score 1) 711

To be clear, I'm not in any way suggesting with this post that your child has been misdiagnosed. But there is no problem with underdiagnosing, ADHD is being overdiagnosed outragiously, and partly because it is what parents want to hear (that they are not bad parents).

ADHD is one of the most misunderstood conditions out there-

That is exactly right -not the way you mean though- and the biggest problem is that the name contains "hyperactive". Someone with ADHD isn't someone who has too much energy, the problem is in the nerveus system. The patient can't correctly process the signals coming from outside, which makes him confused and somewhat delirious, unable to focus. --If you want to experience a little what it's like, try not eating the whole day and then bingedrinking the whole night.-- The more tired he gets the less he is able to control his behaviour and do tasks. This is what ritalin helps for, it keeps the neurotransmitters going and keeps them focused. You could just as well give them speed or cocaine.

But you know what is worse than being undiagnosed for years not understanding why things are going wrong? It's being diagnosed as a sick problem child while there are other things going on. So if a kid can't learn at school, it might be because he has ADHD, or it might be because he doesn't sleep well at night because mommi and daddy fight all the time. Or because he doesn't get proper breakfast. And he may act weird because he has ADHD, or it may be because acting weird and "hyperactive" is the only way he gets attention from his parents (a conditioned behaviour), or because his parents are themselves not such good rolemodels, or just because he's a child. Real hyperactive children are exhausted all the time.

Comment Re:This study is nothing but Communist propaganda (Score 1) 961

It is a name of a movement (a party actually) that existed some time in history. The meaning of the name is vague and non-explicit because you can only give it by describing the behaviour of the party of Benito Mussolini. I would say that the most important feature is idolizing the leader and aiding him in his rule of justice. Beside that you have some symbols from the Roman empire like the fascis, where the party got it's name from. The word fascism is not only almost exclusively misused, its meaning is vague and does not describe anything existing.

Comment Re:Ah there it goes again (Score 1) 609

I agree but you've just reversed the transitivity. I would say that mathematical thinking would help in coming up with models and diagrams. UML and DFDs aren't abstract at all, they are super concrete. I know it's called modeling but that doesn't mean it's abstract. It's a very detailed mapping of what goes on for each level of business, organisation, informationflow, etc. To use those model to create other models and finally code, it is very beneficial to have mathematical insight so you can make analogs in your head.

Comment Wikileak is a brand (Score -1, Troll) 667

It's a brand. It has the word wiki and leak in it making it both feel trustable and sensational. It is their business and marketingplan. They keep sending out sensationalist stories out to the world. On the other end they are giving talks about free speech. Just a bunch of kids that found out a way to make money. I don't trust them, I don't read them, I don't watch them, I don't care where their servers are. They are an oxymoron like the your local wealthfare pulling anarchists. This is slashdot, damnit!

Comment Re:Bah (Score 1) 548

Excellent comment you made there.

Also it's what professors do. They batter the students, somewhat like in the army. The first thing my professor asked was if we had any experience in programming, especially in c (the course was in c). So I told him I did. And he said: "Right you are going to have the most trouble learning this." [Why I read a whole damn book about it you insensitive clod!] But that attitude you will find throughout. Only when you have progressed can you have a normal discussion with them.

Now I know odds are great that someone will make reply about how elitism is bad and all. But I prefer getting a good education from an elitist jerk to getting misinformed by "someone from the field" that only started teaching because he wasn't wanted in the industry anyway.

I think I need to drink my first coffe of the day.

Comment Seems more of an Interesting idea than the usual (Score 1) 151

Of course this opens up a can of worms though. Advertisements, flashers and such. Atleast this should have some categorisation like: random, comedy normal talk, different age and sex groups etc. The rating system is pretty straightforwars, people that keep getting clicked away in a certain category just don't get presented to people in that category.

Comment Re:For Science! (Score 3, Insightful) 793

So you are fore socialised medicare but against a socialised education system? Your reasoning does not make sense. When you donate your body to science, you are doing something for the common good by helping several people with their research or education. Better educated doctors means better service for the patients(in general). But you are unwilling because someone will make a living out of it lateron? Very strange indeed.

Comment fibre please (Score 1) 144

This reminded me of a phonecall i had with a customer when i worked at an company which was isp and network operator. The guy was furious. He had moved to a newly built house and he didn't have a physical phoneline, only optic fibre. I was speechless for few second because I just couldn't comprehend this man's anger. All i could say was: "But... but you have fibre." The situation makes me laugh now. Anyway it turned out that there was no service for that net on his location. When the day comes that I have fibre coming into my home, I think I will cry of joy. It has been my dream for years now, somewhat silly maybe.

Comment Re:dumb question? (Score 1) 25

RIP, Apache. You were wonder in your time.

Yeah REST in peace, just REPLicate what other people said and we will all be alRITE. SIGNified by your c/p SIGNature. You are not the first to have found the silver bullit, but your forecomers weren't the last.

PS. Ruby is a great language

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