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Comment Re:Why exactly is an issue? (Score 1) 447

So what?

All this means is that there is an initial section of the website that doesn't use cookies, and therefore doesn't need to pass a cookie to the user. This is the EULA section.

After this, there is another section which uses cookies because the user allowed it, and then a third section which says: well thanks for reading the EULA, pity you won't be able to see the rest of the site because you clicked No.

What's the big deal?

Comment Re:I'm what you could call a "blue collar" coder (Score 1) 836

I agree with your take on this. I am glad that I took maths and applied maths at uni, because that's been of tremendous help to me during my career as a programmer.

But nothing I learned at uni about programming or computer science has been of any use whatsoever.

Everything I know about coding I learnt either from reading other people's source code or long hours of experimentation. The rest is just experience and reading books.

Also, I devote part of every day to reading up on new or old coding practices/techniques, and I read a book a month about something to do with design, engineering or coding. If I didn't do this, I wouldn't stay current, and I wouldn't have a broad pool of knowledge to draw from.

The big question of a degree vs a diploma becomes irrelevant after a few years, something neither recruiters nor employers seem to realise.

For an accountant you need a degree, because the rules and practices of accounting are well-known and you can learn them all in a degree. This is not the case AT ALL for the ever-evolving field of programming, never mind the misunderstood field of computer science.

Comment Re:Doesn't change a thing (Score 1) 143

Basically, just because many current implementations of electronic voting are failures, don't blame the concept of electronic voting. As the polulation grows, electronic voting has the potential to make voting more accessible, fair and efficient. Paper voting does not.

You can cheat using either paper voting or electronic voting.

Just because you can cheat in any particular system does not make it undemocratic.

Comment Re:Kid won't know what to do when an adult (Score 1) 607

Indeed. It is like Pascal's Wager.

The downside of wearing are:
1) The child receives early training on how to be an electronically emprisoned parolee
2) The child grows up as a prisoner
3) The child grows up without trust
4) The child learns that activities with no pay-off but that costs a lot of energy end effort are good, perpetuating the faulty logic of Pascal's Wager that made a prisoner of people like you.

Comment Re:Do we really need GPS to track mileage ? (Score 1) 891

- All cars do not consume fuel at the same mileage ratio
- Fuel efficiency cannot be "promoted". Cars use fuel according to the laws of physics. The average car owner cannot improve the car's fuel efficiency, only the car manufacturer can do that. All cars cannot be replaced because they are not fuel/tax efficient.

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