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Comment Re:What's so important to warrant harrassing milli (Score 1) 484

I think it would take a little more than four years. Unless you are working from different numbers than whats readily available with a quick Google search. 9/11 US death toll about 3000 Yearly alcohol deaths about 85,000 of course that is not counting all of the deaths from drunk people violently killing another person with a gun, knife, etc... So it would be more like 28 yrs

PC Gamers Too Good For Consoles Gamers? 324

thsoundman sends in a blog post from Rahul Sood, CTO of HP's gaming business, who claims there was once a project in development at Microsoft to let Xbox users compete against PC users playing the same game. According to Sood, the project was killed because the console players kept getting destroyed by their PC counterparts. He wrote, "Those of us who have been in the gaming business for over a decade know the real deal. You simply don't get the same level of detail or control as you do with a PC over a console. It's a real shame that Microsoft killed this — because had they kept it alive it might have actually increased the desire of game developers and gamers alike to continue developing and playing rich experiences on the PC, which would trickle down to the console as it has in the past."

Comment Re:Something to keep in mind (Score 1) 502

This my friend is spot on. I happen to work for one of those contractors for the time being. I have come to the same conclusion, but my answer is to get my small business approved for gov't contracting. If more of us don't do this the status quo will remain. Complaining is only the start, we must take the extra step and do something.

Comment Something to think about (Score 1) 353

Here is something for everyone in America to think about. I recently had a house built. During this process I was required to have a gas shutoff valve connected at the point of entry to the house and at the stove. Now if I am required to have a double fail safe on my home, how is it possible for BP to get away with one shutoff valve (Blowout Preventer..) ????? Where are we headed if we can't have basic saftey regulation passed without any hitches. Does Murphy's Law ring a bell anywhere????

Comment Re:universal, yes, unlimited, no (Score 1) 245

I don't think "unlimited" plans ever made much sense because some people will abuse it.

If something is advertised as unlimited how can you abuse it? You are placing the blame on the wrong side of the equation. Lets look at it this way... An air carrier over books a plane, and all passengers show up for said flight. By your logic it is the passengers fault that someone will have to be put on another plane. If the network can't handle unlimited use then don't advertise one. Or you may just over book the network and some passengers/packets will have to wait for another flight/pipe.

Comment Missing A big variable (Score 1) 446

Once again we want to legislate before using common sense. The problem is with the parents not being involved enough. The teachers can only do so much. If parents forced their children to learn while at home instead of watching the idiot box all day things would change. So many of our problems in the country all start with the parents. Responsibility and accountability.

Comment The common variable (Score 1) 306

This is not a problem of gov't. This happens in all forms of commerce public or private sector. The common factor is the HUMAN in the loop. Let me clarify that it is not all humans but there are those among us that side step all responsibility and accountability. They look for positions of protection and abuse them. Just look at the abuse of tenure in the school systems. Sorry to say it but the problem can not be solved unless we change our culture. I see this everyday but since I don't have any social connections to management I am pretty much powerless to act. If I do act it would be me on the way out the door. Sad but very true. Just my 2

Comment Ready...Set.... (Score 1) 465

This is just the start of what a Gov't scrambling to increase revenues will do. I have an equation that will amuse everyone. Insurance company that was to big + Banks that were to big to fail = ???? Yep a Gov't that is to big to fail, hide your wallets everyone. This is only a preview of whats to come. Guess what else I don't blame this on Obama or Bush for that matter. I blame the citizens. We must become a nation of informed citizens if we want to compete in the global market in the future. Time to make some tough decisions...

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