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Comment Re:The most secure phone ever! (Score 1) 165

I'm definitely impressed you were still able to make calls, but I remain unconvinced that capacity is no longer a concern. There was a report on Slashdot during the recent wildfires near San Diego about how cell networks were overloaded and the best way for people to communicate was via the internet.

Yes, people often forget about cordless phones requiring power. That's why one should make sure to at least have a wired phone for backup even if it means putting one with the other emergency supplies.

Also, your usage of the flashlight feature on your phone makes a lot more sense now and I agree it was pretty handy.

I went by that area only a couple weeks later, and you could still see the damage. It was very fortunate that no lives were lost.

As far as our power outage, I found it somewhat surprising. Houses on the next block on either side and across the street had power, but we and our neighbors did not. My memory is that we lost power either Thursday morning or maybe Wednesday night and we did not get it back until Saturday morning. More important than lights, computer, and internet, without power to operate the furnace, though it is gas, it became freezing cold.

I would be extremely surprised if you knew me. Bars aren't really my scene; in fact, I lend credence to several Slashdot memes. It was the fact you were from Springfield that prompted me to reply though; I am usually content just to lurk. After replying to your post last night, I must have read at least three or four highly rated comments from you in other threads.


Submission + - Australian coverage of all ADSL2+ providers (apcmag.com)

Anonymous Coward writes: "ADSL2exchanges.com.au reveals the locations and coverage of all ADSL2+ providers in Australia. The site plots all exchange locations onto Google Maps, allowing for approximate wire-length estimations (Google Maps calculates "as the crow flies" figures but ADSL2exchanges.com.au estimates what that would be in "as the road runs" terms). You just need to type in your address and phone number, and the site figures out what exchange you're on and who services your exchange."

Submission + - 16 billion pixel image of Last supper online (haltadefinizione.com)

xiashunkai writes: "the original size of Leonardo da Vinci's masterpiece "last supper" is about 4.6m * 8.8m, painted on a n stone wall covered with resin and pitch. Now it is digitalized by technology experts to a huge image with 160 billion pixel. think about the surface area of our earth, it is about 510 million square kilometers, in spite of oceans, the land is about 149 million square kilometers, with 100m resolution remote sensing image fully covered earth land , the pixel numbers of there imagery will be in the same magnitude order of the digitalized painting."

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