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Comment Thunderbird (Score 5, Informative) 464

Thunderbird does a perfectly fine job of handling email for most users. It handles a decade or more of email for me, in a number of imap accounts for different addresses, totalling perhaps 6 to 7 gig of mail, without any problem at all.

What exactly is it about TB that is not capable of handling your need?

If an email client already does what you need, is complaint about slower development valid, or is it just wanting change for change sake.

Comment Downsides outweigh Upsides (Score 5, Interesting) 421

The simple fact is that there are just not enough reasons that makes one want to be an airline pilot.

Some of the downsides are:
    Expensive outlay in initial training through to Commercial Pilot Licence level.
    Huge time investment in hour building after that, flying usually as an instructor, hacking about with students doing their best to kill you, for nowhere near enough money to live on without a second job or two.
    Even more expense to get multi engine rating, turbine rating...
    Then you get to sit your ATPL.
    Then if you're lucky you might get offered a job as first officer (copilot)
    Then you have to do a rating on the aircraft you're going to be flying, which you'll have to pay for, and is generally stupendously expensive, or your employer pays for your rating but you are then indentured to the employer for years. All the time earning diddly-squat.
    Ascending to captains chair, or onto larger types, is usually seniority based, and if you want to move to a new employer, you go back to the bottom of the ladder.

Most of the upsides are:
    You get to fly planes for a living.
    You get to wear a pilot hat and put bars on your sleeves.

It's just not an attractive job any more. It's not even an "impressive" job any more, once upon a time, pilots were seen as near enough to gods, today, they are barely a step above your local bus driver.

For some, getting to fly panes for a living is enough,they just love flying *that much*. But there are not enough of those people to meet the demand.

Comment Re:It's 2012 (Score 1) 64

"Uh, you DO realize that there is *infinite* knowledge right?"

Hmmm. I wonder if that is the case actually. Seriously, IS the conjecture that there is infinite knowledge provable, or is it possible there is a finite but very large amount of potential knowable things.

Comment Re:Rosetta Stone (Score 1) 282

Our notational conventions can be described fairly easily.

Just indicate that no marks is "0", one mark is "1", two marks is "2" .... once you have the integers you can then show notations for basic operators by simple example... any extraterrestrial species capable of reaching or communicating with us would have no problem in working it out.

Comment Youtube Video Link (also, this is stupid) (Score 1) 73

The site is slashdotted at the moment but here is the video on that page when it finally sort-of loaded.

What sort of pointless nonsense is this? What actual purpose does this have that any normal RSS reader does not have? All it is, seems to be, sticking a list of RSS links on a "jaunty angle" in 3d and adding an associated image on a spinning cube. It's just... pointless.

It's not even much of a technology demonstration is it, I'm no 3d guy, but I'd have assumed that using OpenGL or something one could knock something like this together in no time flat, probably any time in the last 10 to 15 years!

Comment Refill Your Own (Score 4, Informative) 228

Refilling your own cartridges is super easy if you pick the right printer.

Brother printers particularly are good, the cartridges (at least all the ones I've seen) are just ink receptacles, they have no electronics, just put more ink in job done.

Ink can be purchased on ebay etc in 100ml bottles or more, for a fraction of the cost of buying cartridges.

Even better, it's pretty easy to find good inkjets for a buck or two second hand, I've bought lots of them, most with empty cartridges, often complete with power and USB. Refill the carts, run a few cleaning cycles, and they work really well.

Comment Re:New Zealand has a navy??? (Score 4, Informative) 104

We are a small nation surrounded by a vast expanse of water, we have a number of our own islands or those which we administer, hundreds even thousands of kilometers distant, we have Antarctic claims to the south and regularly need to render assistance to Polynesian islands to the north, and importantly we have economic and environmental interests to police in a large area of ocean.

So yes, we do have a Navy.

It's not a Navy of pure war ships though, you're not going to find a destroyer, a carrier, or a submarine in our fleet. Our ships are by necessity multi role.

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