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Comment Re:Next up: straightjackets vs. utility belts (Score 1) 864

Sorry, maybe I didn't make myself clear.
You are correct that iOS currently has more users than Android.
You are incorrect in stating that iOS devices are outselling Android devices.
Ergo, the truth lies between your assertion that iOS is more popular and outselling Android and others assertions that Android is more popular than iOS.

Comment Re:Next up: straightjackets vs. utility belts (Score 1) 864

As is typical in arguments like this, the truth is somewhere in between.

If analytic firms (and their summaries on Wikipedia) are to be believed (and for this I'm too lazy to do real follow up), then iOS is currently #2, but should be supplanted sometime in 2011 or 2012 (read paragraphs 3-4).
Android is gaining market share primarily at the expense of RIM.

Comment Doubtful (Score 1) 221

As a kid, I was a brat and didn't cope well with new situations and was very poor at verbal communication with those that I didn't know. 'Round about 5th or 6th grade I decided the reason people didn't like me much was because I had a horrible temper and I made a conscious effort to fix that. Now I'm very easy going and adapt well to large scale changes in my life. Additionally, I have no issues with public speaking now, so I'd say I did almost a complete 180 starting in late grade school and really being notable around the time I graduated high school. It's tough and requires a lot of effort, but you can change the way you behave.

Comment Simple Answer (Score 1) 578

There are a lot of comments to shift through, so I imagine someone else has already put it out there that the long and short of it is: not without custom hardware. Additionally, if you have the hardware to do something useful with the bits once they've been written, then you should have the means to perform the writes. If you're wanting to get exactly the bits that the drive controller thinks are in particular places without regard for OS caching and so on, then doing direct SCSI passthrough will get you as close to what you want as the drive will allow, though this still leaves ECC and you'll have to deal with sector boundaries (512b for the majority of drives, 520b seems to be mildly popular as well). As has been pointed out by many, knowing why you want to do this may lead to a better solution.

Comment Absolutely would use one (Score 1) 435

Hells yeah I'd use one. I'd keep it in my bag and use it when I'm out and need to give lengthy responses to e-mails, stuck somewhere and want to watch some netflix (maybe...if netflix moves away from silverlight to html5) or hulu or something. I've got a million places I'd use this. It'd be basically a larger version of my Android phone. Sometimes the phone is just a little cramped and I'd like a little more screen real estate...also, Google, if you're reading this, I could also totally make use of an electric car that's ad supported...I'm just sayin'.

Comment Re:No, its not game over (Score 2, Interesting) 345

On board with you...been without the cable for nearly a year now. Netflix, Hulu, OTA, and Google supply me with all the entertainment I should bother with anyway. If I can't find what I want in less than a minute, I shouldn't be sitting on my fat ass anyway, so I go outside. I think it's a really good paradigm shift. I've lost loads of weight since I got rid of cable.

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