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Comment Re:I am scared. I am intrigued. (Score 4, Interesting) 820

Only very few animal type make up most of human consumed meat, a few breeds of cattle, sheep, birds and pigs. These animals live they short lives in often rotten conditions, and a consume vast amounts of grains and wheat. If people didn't eat meat, so much more land would be available, that we could feed everyone and still have a lot more land to return to the wild, thereby increasing biodiversity. Synthetic meat will no doubt save on at least half the land needed to feed a populous, and might well led to entirely new favours and textures of food.


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Comment Re:When will the science begin (Score 4, Interesting) 305

Its a slow ramp up of energies. The LHC has already been doing a few collisions at 450 GeV, here see here, but since the injection energy to the ring 450 GeV, the LHC wasn't doing any acceleration at all there. The 1 TeV milestone show the LHC is in good working order, and the'll be increasing the energy in steps, the few 14 TeV might not be until 2011, it will run at 10 TeV instead for most of 2010 barring any more mishaps and do good physics. CERN have said the'll need to retrofit new quenching mechanisms (safety features for if the superconducting magnets get to hot and cease to superconduct), before they can run at the few 14 TeV. Although it might seem like a shame not to be running at full energy, the Higgs particles are expectable to be of mass 120-190 GeV, what CERN needs to find the Higgs is not high energy but high luminosity, large statistics on a lot of collisions. So the lower energy isn't going to stop the Higgs boson discovery. Supersymmetric particles could have any mass or not exist at all, but the losing the 10-14 TeV range, won't make much difference to begin with.


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Comment Re:NASA Needs Permission? (Score 1) 193

Considering NASA don't current have budget or permission for there next generation rocket, asking for extra funding for safety seems silly. Safety of what, a non existent rocket that will never get made. Such a request doesn't look good. I would hope that Ares would be designed with much better safety than shuttles (in practice) 2/129 failure rate.


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Comment Re:Oh, hey, (Score 5, Informative) 1011

I think they're exaggerating the lost of one particular set of data, from one set of researchers, in one university, compared with thousands of different climate research around the world. So this case of data mismanagement at one university, isn't going to make much difference to the case for global warming being caused by humanities energy usage.


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Comment Re:Big Plus! (Score 2, Insightful) 217

In case anyone missing the above authors obvious sarcasm. I'd like to add, that C is the natural language for creating buffer overrun errors. Lets Sigfault the webserver just by putting too long a string into your web form. Overruns or not, strings.h is not want I want to be using when trying parse text from a web form.


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Comment Re:There's plenty on the moon! (Score 1) 224

I'm all for a Lunar Base and Lunar Mining, but its not easy and realistical its not going to happen until at least 2030. In the mean that helium 4 comes from the same places that natural gas comes from and contains traces of helium 3 so stocks of helium 3 will regrow slowly until we run out of natural gas. Perphaps we can find some other way to detect radioactive materials.


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Comment night and day? (Score 1) 120

Just how does it get power at night? Presummably on a clouded day, it can get power once it get above the clouds, but its batteries can't be good for very long in the advent of lose of sun light. Planes really need a constraited power source, and until we can do better than chemical, fuel cells or combustion seem best to me. For power/weight ratio, hydrogen powered planes, must be best, with methane or boranes beating all the other hydrogen carbons. The weight of the cryogenic storage, might be a problem though.


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Comment Very Bad for Electronic Industry (Score 1) 198

Both the elements Tungsten and Tantulum are off extreme stategic importances to the electronics industry. Tungsten for good old fashioned incandestant light bulbs. Tantulum for electrolytic capacitors. There isn't a room or modern consumer item that doesn't use one all the other, so banning either item, would have drastic effects on modern life. Off course, there are some modern replacements for either element for instance LED bulbs and carbon based, supercapacitors.


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Comment Re:Lots of speculation. (Score 1) 314

Yes maybe, if you assume the all the matter particles are fixed points and the black hole has a finite capture radius. Next approximation up, the matter particles are moving points and the black hole has an different escape velocity at each distance from its center, (=c at event horizon), still freshman. But to do the calculation correctly you'd need the quantum mechanical cross-section for each particle to fall into a black hole at given distance from it. And of course first you'd have to have a theory of quantum gravity which differently isn't freshman level.


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Comment New Kind of Computer Science (Score 1) 90

I think this must be the first of a new kind of computer science. Reverse engineer something from even an insect brain to create a computer program, is completely new to me. As you can see from the diagram, this is very different to the neural networks some AI researchers (but no biologists) claim mimic the human brain. It does look like an evolved algorithm, in the sense that works very well and efficiently but there no obvious design or understanding of how it works.


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Comment Re:Not the Pioneer Anomaly (Score 1) 89

He's right. The Pioneer anomaly is a slight acceleration towards the sun that seemed to start outside the orbit of jupiter and has a constant magnitude. (Unlike gravity where the acceleration is inversal proportional to distance square.

The thing the Rosette probe might measure, is called the Flyby anomaly, which is occurs when a spacecraft flys close to a planet, the acceleration on the craft seems subtly different to what is predicted by gravity (Newton or Einsteins).

Both effects occur in our solar system and seem to show either theres something wrong with our theory of gravity or these some extra force at work in nature. But has yet we haven't got enough data to be sure or to correct categories either effect.


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Comment Re:Whats the hold up (Score 1) 177

But it would be so COOL to have a base there. A moon base might be pointless from the view point of the earths physical economy. It would be very good for a space based economy, since with sun-light, water, and moon rock, would provide a near self substaining lunar economy (might be carbon short), that would provide cheaper earth satallites and fuel for exploring the rest of the solar system. From a science point of view, the far side of the moon, is a great place to put an observatory, optical, infrared or radio waves. Provided water is in polar Lunar craters in the gigaton quantities, it becames the source of cheap rocket fuel for the rest of the solar system. Finally until the human race are not limited to living from just one planet we have a very real risk of permant extinction, and that should be motivation enough to colonize the planets, even if it wasn't for the excitment and cultral stimulation to the earth human.


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Comment Re:New to open GL (Score 1) 46

I concur. This is very specialised programming, they are ownly a few teams in the world making 3D game engines, once built, like the Unreal engine they tend to sell the engine to other game companies to be used. So only a very elite few progammers will every use OpenGL, unless you'll hoping for a job at ID or Epic games, its probably not worth learning OpenGL.


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