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Comment Re:slightly off topic (Score 1) 476

Yet few argue about what Gandhi did for the world. It kills me to hear about people complaining about RMS's views on C++, on which he happens to be mostly right,

No, I take the 12+ year maintainer over the guy that hasn't done any serious coding in a decade (one liners to emacs lisp plugins don't count before you come back with that shit).

Comment Re:Just like DRM has prevented piracy (Score 1) 528

I think governments would definitely ban 3D printing and successfully before it becomes ubiquitous. Once everyone has a 3D printer then print what you want, but it only makes sense to probably hold off trying to print guns and other politically sensitive items knowing how ban happy governments can be. Once 3D printing becomes a political issue it will be banned in the US for sure due to the gun control and how it hurts industry and product distribution.

Comment Re:Well 5 dollars for a gun (Score 2) 157

That is the problem I have with micro transactions in games, there is NOTHING micro about it. You can play for free... you just will die a lot unable to kill others because your gun does half the damage. If your lucky.

BS, play the game, the paid weapons do not offer a distinct advantage over the free ones except the rocket launcher for the flying vehicles in which case you have to give up extra after burner to fit them. This game is very balanced to the point where even though I have money i'm not going to bother buying weapons because they don't offer an advantage.

Comment Re:nVidia (Score 0) 158

So one incident created due to the fact that no one is allowed to use lead anymore for environmental reasons. People keep milking this and sure it WAS a problem but compared to the amount of issues with AMD cards in terms of both hardware and software it's nothing.

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