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Comment Re:Dropping DRM is a step in the right direction (Score 1) 397

This doesn't really fit with what i've read in this thread so far.

So a few of them get together and make a copy of your game. It's got the same gameplay elements that they liked in your game, but uses different art and a new engine.

So then it's not "my" game then. If you've made a knockoff that's still a completely different game because you've put a lot of effort into making it. If you look at the efforts of something like OpenMW in which they're trying to make an open sourced version of Morrowind with the same art assets, it's taken them years to complete and they're no where near done yet. This is the exact opposite of copying a game and pirating it which takes minutes without DRM or a few days with it.

Comment Re:Dropping DRM is a step in the right direction (Score 1) 397

I can think of a couple ways it can deprive a game developer directly and these are all well documented:

- If a pirated version is released that crashes, the game can get terrible reviews for crashing all the time
- Pirates that phone, email and tweet for support wasting developers time with non-paying "customers"

Comment Re:This is why GPL is a bad choice in some cases (Score 1) 394

Seems like not all the code is theirs afterall..


Second, you claim you hold exclusive copyright for the code. Not true. One example: on http://www.risingtidesystems.com/storage.html you claim
support for FCoE. You didn't build tcm_fc, Intel did. Under the GPLv2. Furthermore, SRP support came from SCST, iirc. None of these contributors gave RTS any right to use their copyrighted code except under the conditions of the GPLv2.

Comment Re:Should be easy to resolve. (Score 2) 394

There already is evidence of infringement they cite code that intel contributed and shows up in their proprietary version of the module. If you're developing a competing proprietary module you shouldn't be the kernel maintainer anyway. This guy has the power to refuse patches to the open sourced version to make his company's version remain better. The fact there is a conflict of interest there shows he shouldn't be in that position regardless of the fact that he's probably the best guy for the job.

Comment Re:How is it incompatible? (Score 1) 360

> So how is the GPL license being incompatible with BSD's license OF ANY IMPLICATION AT ALL in using the GCC compiler with BSD?

Apple is spearheading the process behind LLVM. When GCC changed to GPL 3 they began work on replacing GCC used in xcode with LLVM.

The whole including it in the BSD OS is because they don't want to be seen as hypocrites by depending upon a GPL program.

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