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Comment Re:Use Google DNS (Score 1) 96

Sorry guys, what I was referring to is actually a function of Chrome. I just did a few experiments on different connections. If there is an existing redirection to a dodgy site Google DNS will send you there just like the rest. If the typo is an unrecognised address Chrome will suggest the nearest spelling which is generally what you meant. eg if you type in www.tuxradar.com.au you will get "Did you mean: www.tuxradar.com" and it is nothing to do with the DNS.

Comment Re:Use Google DNS (Score 1) 96

It is not marketing, it simply pops up what it thinks you mean and gives you the option of clicking on the link without re-typing. Most ISPs give you search results which are annoying. Plus it give warnings about what Google classifies as dangerous sites. Combine with WOT and the total is pretty good. Use it or don't use it, it is free.

Comment Re:you voted for them (Score 1) 81

The balance of power in our Senate is held by independents and the Greens, but mostly by an ultra consertvative called Senator Fielding who represents the christian orthodoxy. To pass legislation the government must get the Greens and Fielding on side to out vote the opposition Liberal Party who are not liberals but conservatives. Thus the government is always having to suck up to Fielding. After the next election, later this year, it is unlikely that Fielding will have that power any more, even if he is re-elected. The current polls would have the Greens with enough senate seats to control the balance of power in the upper house irrespective of which major party wins the general election. When they have to suck up to the Greens, rather than the Christian right wing it will be very interesting to see how policy changes, even if we have a conservative government (still not likely, but you never know).

Comment Re:Weird chrome problem (Score 1) 285

I use Gmail exclusively on 4 different Ubuntu based Linux boxes and notebooks and Gmail, Google Docs and all other things Google all work as expected in Chromium. I use the Chromium daily builds via the Ubuntu PPAs. I have also used Chrome Beta under Debian SID and gmail worked flawlessly. I would rename your "/home/yourname/.config/Googel Chrome" or "/home/yourname/.config/Chromium" to savedchrome or whatever, then start a clean Chrome and try again.

Comment Re:I'm sure... (Score 1) 269

Resynthesizer is awesome. The article is using it incorrectly. Removing the man and the car is removing half the picture. He is trying too hard in all the examples. Use it on poles and small objects and it is magic. It also takes time to work with it's idiosyncrasies, for example with wildly varying backgrounds it is better to do a removal in smaller pieces. And it is FREE.

Comment Re:Who exactly is fighting back? (Score 1) 641

Ten thousand scientists in two dozen countries, democratic, communist, totalitarian, capitalist, socialist all working together in concert to trick the world for personal or political gain. If you believe that, then there is no hope for you or anyone else who truly thinks that this conspiracy theory has any credence.

Comment Re:Problem is world democracy (Score 1) 865

War is not necessary. Geo-engineering will be necessary because no world wide agreement on carbon reductions will ever be reached. The G8 countries will eventually take their own action and ignore the minnows. When 5 trillion dollars worth of artificial trees are deployed there will not be a vote at the UN to approve it.

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