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Comment Re:What they need to do (Score 1) 87

Thats neat that they use SMS confirmation for call display for only $14 CDN. Is that a one time fee or an annual fee? In the US skype-in allows you to use your skype-in number for call display. Its too bad about skype-in not being available in canada. I plan to move back there some day and would love it if my skype hardware (standalone skype phone and my ipod touch+microphone+skype) would just work with a CDN phone number. Its funny that its currently owned by the 'Canada Pension Plan Investment Board' which is a government board, and its the government laws that explicitly outlaw skype-in for something related to 911 laws.

Submission + - Netflix to start streaming in canada (

whtmarker writes: Netflix is launching its streaming service in Canada this fall. It will likely feature a different set of content due to different broadcasting rights in each country. This will be the first time Netflix has offered its services outside the U.S. They have been selling netflix enabled devices up there for some time. This allows netflix to gain market share on hulu, while amazon VOD and apple TV are still drowning in the pay per download model, which while successful for MP3s is not as successful as a subscription service.

Comment Re:Can I... (Score 1) 567

Ctrl C and Ctrl V work in most gnome apps (see: gedit), but the ones that don't you can customize the app that way: example gnome-terminal (the console). However there is a good reason:

Ctrl-C the C is for cancel, so CTRL-C in gnome-terminal kills the current process. But the same things happens in XP's console (cmd.exe), CTRL-C won't copy and CTRL-V won't paste (for the same reasoning).

Comment Re:Cheaper and better than cable (Score 1) 224

If it wasn't for sports, I'd consider canceling cable/sattelite and just watching content via the internet.

What sports are you trying to watch? heard of

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