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Comment Re:And Steam reflects that... (Score 2, Informative) 509

ps3 games arent on piratebay because noone has figured how to break the ps3 encription yet, not because sony got anything right in their sales model. In fact MS was first with the DLC and minigames thing.

I would also argue that PS3 using BluRay for their games would have an impact on that as well, even if the encryption were broken. Speaking on behalf of myself anyways, burning dvds would be far cheaper and more convenient.

Comment Re:The End of this Format War? (Score 1) 476

The end result is obvious: eventually every player is going to be pushing drives that handle both high-capacity/high-def formats as well as DVD and CD, much like we saw with DVD-R vs. DVD+R. I agree though: this has been the only good news on HD-DVD's side in a while.
Don't forget built in USB port, card reader, on board hard drive for tivo, network access for streaming, and an RF remote so I can walk out of the room and change tracks if I need to. Did I miss anything?

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