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Comment Umm.. (Score 1) 418

To get it even at that point, apparently glue had to be used in place of a lot of fasteners that make repairing easy.

In addition to the fuckton of glue (mainly to keep people out), there are +90 screws! I don't think a mid-60's automobile would have 90 screws.

Only Microsoft could pull off the feat of using a boatload of conventional fasteners and still make the hardware practically irrepreble. Hamfisted jackanapes.

Comment Greneda (Score 1) 230

I recall reading that after the 'battle' for Greneda, more medals were handed out - including to military contractors - than were handed out for D-Day. Might have been BS, but it's always stuck with me.

Funny how all this fascist behaviour and bravery of being out of range is starting after most all the WWII vets have died.

Comment Where's Waldo (Score 1) 228

Earlier in the year, while pointing out several areas across the globe suffering significant droughts, the other person asked: "Well, where is it all going?" I had no ready answer. I guess the oceans? Though I thought the sea level rises were due mainly to ice melt (even more water!), not increased rainfall and runoff.

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