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Comment Re:potential iffyness (Score 1) 148

I believe you are right. But... instead of removing links to Microsoft copyright material based on a DMCA request, why not replace the search request with a Bing derived search? Even label it as such.

Should be automatable. (If DMCA copyright holder is Microsoft, search for the specific item on Bing, from the DMCA request; if found, annotate the result w/ Bing! instead of DMCA removal).

Comment Re:Well, F Me Sideways! (Score 1) 151


Stooping to ad-hominem attacks. Shame, shame.

Yes, I used the word "fascism". Even used it correctly, Lordy, imagine that! In my (not so humble) opinion, the government of the USA is becoming fascist.

Now, I am not a citizen, or resident of the USA, but let's examine this idea:

- radical authoritarian political ideology - Check (TSA would be an example)
- single ultra-nationalist identity - Check (national anthem at baseball games?)
- racist, coupled with eugenics - Check (number of black people incarcerated
- totalitarian, single-party state (damn close, money seems to rule) - Check
- tip of the hat to "democracy" - Check
- government and corporatist collusion - Check

Ok, political views aside, I did stand down and call it what it is.

But... some choice quotes from the post I was responding to:

"freeloader society"

"maybe the service provider doesn't want the customer to unlock the STB and set it up so that it can start receiving free (as in gratis) channels from Australia, Russia, South Africa and Mexico, or domestic unsubscribed channels not in the paid plan"

"business-hostile aspect of the FSF"

Cogitate on that for a while.

Comment "Illegal downloading" Again! (Score 4, Interesting) 216

There ain't no such thing.

Everything on the Internet is Copyrighted (or public domain)...

There may be illegal sharing. Or making available. Just not downloading.

Of course the "Industry" wants to plant a meme -- "illegal downloading".

Since there is no such thing (as illegal downloading(*)), usenet groups have been cut first (because usenet clients do NOT upload as they download). Peer-to-peer systems upload from clients, which is why they got hit.

MegaUpload? A shot across the bow -- and the service ended up being legal.

Advice: Turn off sharing in your bittorrent client, unless you are sure that you can distribute the material.

Or fetch the material from usenet, ftp, or other "one-way" means. Do not post the material on Web Sites, ftp servers or usenet -- do not make it available for download.

Unless you live somewhere more enlightened, of course (Personal Copy Exemption in Canada, for example).

(*) Except for specific material, child porn, hate literature, other material, depending on venue.

Comment Re:yes but... (Score 1) 385


First, what does Exchange have to do with audio?

Secondly, what are you looking for? A replacement for the Exchange Server? Sorry, probably not happening. If you HAVE a need for Exchange, you buy Exchange, right?

But, you mentioned "business desktop". Why not go with Evolution, then? Talks with Exchange, does mail, calendar, notes and contacts. What more would you need? The only thing "missing" is the ability to change your Windows Domain Password. So, just use an RDP client (Remmina would be one choice) to log in to a Windows Server in that Domain. For instance, try to log in to the Exchange Server. Of course you (probably) because you would have to be an administrator, but the ATTEMPT will allow you to update your password.

Mail - check
Notes - check
Calendar - check
Contacts - check
Password Change - check
RDP - check

Now, Evolution is (in my opinion), far better than the Windows Exchange client. Talks to more server types, allows a choice of spam control, better signatures, threads both Microsoft and Unix emails, and more.

So try it -- if it works for you, problem solved, right?

(I was forced to use Windows Exchange client a few years ago. I was shocked that emails weren't threaded! But, I think this has been sorted recently -- just not compatibly).

Comment Re:Here's what puzzles me... (Score 1) 375

"...WOA builds on the foundation of Windows, has a very high degree of commonality and very significant shared code with Windows 8, and will be developed for, sold, and supported as part of the largest computing ecosystem in the world."
Steven Sinofsky, Microsoft

And THAT'S why -- Microsoft wants to have a single ecosystem.


"Metro style apps in the Windows Store can support both WOA and Windows 8 on x86/64." Steven Sinofsky

(note that WOA is "Windows On ARM")

Comment Who's fault is that? (Score 2) 151

Your company (which includes you) won't touch GPL. The tradeoff is, as you mentioned, a much increased development effort.

Not the fault of the GPL -- that is simply a license specifying tit for tat (in a nutshell).

And it's RIGHT -- I see many interesting parts in closed source programs, and I can't leverage them, or touch them. Completely out of reach. So, you can't take GPL baubles.

Tit for tat. It WORKS, bitches!

Comment Well, F Me Sideways! (Score 3, Insightful) 151

I just never thought about it THAT way! You are so right!

My car isn't a car, it's a TDUPR (transportation device using public roads). Lock it Down! No modifications!

My house isn't a house, it's a PDIN (person domicile in neighbourhood). Lock it Down! No modifications!

My job isn't a job, it a GEAS (gainful employment aiding society). Lock it Down! No changes!

Can't be rendering anything unusable; the companies have said so.

Wait a minute -- you nearly had me. We have a word to describe this. Facism. No, wait, its TIVOIZATION!

Can be efficient, though.

If the point of tivoizing was to prevent negative publicity -- didn't work that well, did it?

Tivoization! Everyone knows what it is, and WHO invented it. (well, maybe they didn't, but I'll give them the credit)!

Take THAT publicity.

Comment No, Google is not the "New" Microsoft (Score 1) 492

Much closer to the "Old Microsoft". Produced languages (BASIC, FORTRAN, COBOL, ASSEMBLER, LISP) and tools.

Then, Microsoft got into environments. Which, when combined with tools and lock-in, made platforms.

Google? Not so much. Just tools. With easy exit strategies. I don't feel the need to stop using DropBox even if I use Google Docs. I am not forced to use Android or Chrome to participate in Google Docs.

The litmus test I am presently using is when Microsoft will support Microsoft Office on Wine. Just a mention, even.

Now the work has been done for Microsoft. Wine 1.4 supports MS Office 2010. There are potentially a million users out there. And each of these could pay as much as $500 (or as little as $50 after discounts). That is 50 to 500 million dollars on the table. Not taken simply because that would put a dent into the MS Windows as platform idea.

Google? I am still pretty sure they would take the money.

Comment Re:"Get the Facts" (Score 1) 290

First, an observation -

Use CentOS instead of Redhat. Anyway, Windows XP offered 10 year support and it isn't at all clear that other Windows will offer this.

Second, a question -

Borking on updates? That is very wrong. I am curious as to what Linux version (vendor/distribution) to what.

In other words, what was the attempted upgrade? Was it a security update, a version (point) upgrade, or a major upgrade? Which vendor, and what was the start version and desired end version?

Sorry for asking in such detail, but I am very curious. I just went through a similar problem (after a point upgrade to Fedora 16, wireless stopped being reliable until the next point upgrade, a couple of days later). I just want to get a larger scale sense of the issue.

Comment Re:Turn-about (Score 1) 155

Oracle released Oracle V2 back in 1979. SQL was an IBM design/language.

IBM themselves released SQL a few weeks later!

Of interest is that MIT (RDBMS) and U/Cal Berkley (Ingres) had those out (but Ingres used QUELL, not SQL, but Ingres became Postgres, so, it could be argued that Postgres is the real SQL leader).

Naturally, because SQL came from academia (although Codd worked for IBM, thereby allowing IBM credit).

SQL wasn't standardized until 1986, so if "APIs and Languages" are ruled Copyrightable, Oracle spent 7 years in violation.

Shame on them. The Oracle company was built on exactly what Oracle wishes to kill off.

Comment Re:MS and Linux (Score 1) 396

Start here

And now here

Pay particular attention to section 17. You may not use Microsoft included artwork to create "obscene" material.

Which is fairly ill-defined. Could be considered offensive material.

I could give other citations, but that should do.

Comment Re:the 2 main choices: (Score 3, Informative) 260

FreeNAS can use ZFS as the filesystem. And this is what you want! Now, the actual configuration depends on the drives you have available.

For drives with the same, or very similar capacity -- ZRAID can be used. With 3 drives, ZRAID1, or with more, use ZRAID2 (the number is the number of drives which can be failed). ZRAID offers the capacity of the smallest drive, which may waste space. If all drives are (eventually) increased in size, more storage is added.

For drives with different capacity, ZFS offers the ability to keep a redundent number of copies of the data (eg. specify two copies, or three). Then, ZFS will duplicate the data onto multiple drives.

As well, ZFS continually monitors the drives and redistributes any failed areas, and ensures that no bit errors accumlate in the file system. ZRAID and multiple copies can be combined.

The main point of ZFS is to keep your data clean and safe from corruption.

As well, "fsck" is not needed -- it happens when you "scrub", which slows down the array, but doesn't leave it unusable.

If you have sufficient memory, ZFS can also "dedup" the blocks in your filesystem, merging identical copies of data (but copying/raiding to maintain data integrity). This feature takes a LOT of RAM (2GB per TB of disk, 32GB for 20TB of disk, and possibly more). Also, some ZFS versions offer encryption (not sure about the one in FreeNAS).

ZFS drives can be physically moved to another system, and used (eg. FreeNAS x86 to SPARC). Endian and format issues are correctly handled. Not a feature most people would ever use, but it is nice. ZFS is available on Solaris, BSD, Linux, Mac (well, used to be).

Also, ZFS support snapshots, which can be browsed.

Finally, ZFS has an eight year history in production.

In all, what's not to love?

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