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Comment Re:Grown Ups. (Score 1) 362

I agree with this and add the fact that some of us with young children don't really want them to see some of the violence in the games we like to play. I don't really want my young children to go to bed while visions of splicers dance in their heads.

Comment Re:Price and glasses, most likely (Score 1) 535

I don't think they were. I purchased a Samsung ATSC tuner equiped HD CRT when my 14 year old Mitsubishi CRT finally died. Resolution goes up to 1080i (not that that makes a big difference relative to the size of the TV). I think it was one of the last ones in the store still in the box. It's a great TV, with HDMI, Composite, and Standard AV connections. It's still tough to beat the color and B/W contrast from a CRT.

Comment Slide? (Score 1) 386

When I was a kid, we used our neighbor's dish as a really cool slide. It was propped up against a tree, and we would try to climb up to the top to slide down. I'm sure I ripped up a couple of pairs of corduroys on it. Might not be as fun as an adult now, but still cool.

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