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Comment Solar powered flashlight... (Score 1) 484

Here's my question regarding the panels melting snow. How do you get enough energy to melt the snow when it has been accumulating all night? No sunlight to get through the layer of snow to power the solar panels to melt the snow. You still need to plow or salt the road. Kind of like a solar powered flashlight.

Comment Go to work first... (Score 1) 834

Get some experience (three to four years) under your belt before you decide to go back to school. Figure out what you want to study. Also look at what you want to accomplish after you complete your degree. You may want to do something a little different than computer engineering.
I would look at other alternatives to an MBA, especially if you find you are very technical. You may find a senior engineer is a better fit for you than a manager. I would also recommend finding a university level program instead of a quick, online program. It will look better to a hiring manager.

Comment Punch Cards for input into MCNP5 (Score 1) 731

The input file for MCNP5 (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Monte_Carlo_N-Particle_Transport_Code)used for nuclear engineering uses a punch card format. Each line in the input file is refered to as a card, and the file is called the input deck. The lines are limited to the same restrictions as a regular punch card, and the program will spit out errors if you do not create the input file properly.

Comment Re:I think you jumped the gun a little. (Score 2, Interesting) 489

Ditto on the Midnight show. It looked really cool in the trailers. I have never read the comic. I was a little lost, and some of it seemed pretty drawn out. Visually awesome/beautiful. Good story, but don't go into it thinking black and white/good and bad. More like a distopian society that doesn't care about right and wrong anymore. Some very dark themes in the story.

I'm going to have to read the comic, sorry graphic novel, now.

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