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Comment Wheres the Stats to back it up? (Score 1) 157

What would have been interesting to see is the stats to back this up.

Break it down to size of business and the number of resources dedicated to the Cloud Sourcing across time. (Theres that damn "Cloud" word yet again)

I would just about bet that less than 5% of small and mid size businesses dont even know what the hell Could Sourcing is, let alone are using it.

Now look at the comparison of employees in small and mid size business compared to Lage corps and I bet it would make this article disappear!

Comment R&D (Score 1) 829

I look at it like I do Technology, there will *Always be something better tomorrow*.
The research and development used to culminate the F-22 will surely be used in the next F-XX.

Comment FTA.... (Score 1) 665

FTA... "Yet he then begins browsing through our hard drive. A folder marked 'Private' is opened and he flicks through our researcher's holiday photographs, including intimate snaps of her wearing a bikini. He stares at picture after picture, stopping only to show them to colleagues. He then picks up the phone and calls our researcher. He tells her our motherboard is faulty and will need to be replaced. Usually it costs £130 but he'll do it for £100. We tell him we'll think about it and call him tomorrow." Wonder what the press left out of this one?!?!?!

Comment Bad Control (Score 3, Insightful) 158

Thats fine that Adobe's creating this software, but the bottom line is poor control with reuters. When reuters can prove their internal controls will stop altered images from making it to press, thats when their integrity may start to come back.

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