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Comment Re:Go retro.. (Score 1) 647

Well, that raises some interesting copyright questions. A quick perusal of Wikipedia did not make it clear how the copyright stands. Pretty strong argument that it went PD in 1980, regardless of wider distribution.

    By modern standards, it was copyright as soon as it was "penned". The standard of the day required an explicit claim of copyright or it was PD by default. Three paths, all lead to PD no later than 1980. The university that published it in 2010 could only claim copyright to their derivative work, I'd think.

    Hmm. Now I'm very curious.

Comment Re:Bad /. editors. No cookie for you! (Score 1) 362

Don't /. editors check stories for troll submissions these days?

Apparently not, given the amount of articles I stories I have reading recently where the first few comments for each article all point out lacking information/source/validity or that it is just plain fud (4 so far today!).

I personally suspect /. editing has been handed over to a redesigned spam filter.

Wow! the incomprehensibility of that first sentence hurts. It really does.

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