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Comment Re:Bide your time (Score 1) 1006

And the most important statement is to make sure you document absolutely everything. I would go so far as to keep copies of email (perhaps a hard copy printed in the event that your email suddenly goes away when BSA does catch wind of this), and document all phone conversations with dates/times and parties involved as well as face-to-face conversations.

I've had an employer in the past that started off with trying to play hardball and didn't want to spend the cash to become license compliant, however he changed his tune when one of our competitors got a huge fine. Pretty amazing how that happens.

Comment Re:I've conducted my own blind tests... (Score 1) 567

When I first received an iPod several years ago, I was concerned about selecting the proper bit rate to disk space ratio. Luckily, I had several friends that were like you, Frank, and they had me attempt to tell the difference between the same song in various bit rates (using the equipment I was going to be listening to with the iPod). When I couldn't tell much difference between anything over 128, I decided to save myself the hassle and just go with that. As you said, you won't notice a difference when listening to music in the car or in the office using crappy earbuds. If I were going to be playing the music at home through my nice stereo, it might make a difference.

Comment Re:Personally I'd rather you were honest with me (Score 2, Interesting) 344

This. Its a double-edged sword imho. If I were the person interviewing you and I received Zeke's version of your resume, I would not only not hire you (in order to not reward Zeke) but I would no longer use Zeke or his company to find me qualified help. Its unfortunate for you that (if you were truly qualified) you were not offered the position only because of Zeke. But that's the reason I would never use Zeke if I were in your position. One falsification on his part and I'm out the door and going to the headhunter next door.

Comment Re:We're doomed!! (Score 2, Interesting) 281

I would prefer to spend my gaming time on the PC, however I am not always able to do so due to family obligations, time constraints, location (its difficult to play on my home PC while at the office, traveling, or helping the wife do shopping). While I'm not 'satisfied' with playing games on the iPhone, it is one of the few options readily available to me. I guess I could always swipe the GameBoy from my kids, but I don't think they would like it, nor do I want to have to carry around an extra device for the 3 to 10 minute gaming sprees I can fit in while either in the car or some other location.

I used to play sudoku or Bomberman on my Motorola phone prior to obtaining the iPhone for the same reasons. I could turn on the phone and play a game or two in the time it took to get the home PC turned on and a game loaded (no actual play time). If the wife is wanting to watch a movie together, or if we are prepping dinner, running off to play an hour or two on the PC isn't practical.

Comment Re:Poor admins (Score 1) 461

When working for my previous employer, I focused my daily work more on what my understanding was of what my boss wanted rather than what my boss stated he wanted. Just because he knew the lingo and jargon didn't mean he had a clue about what he was asking for. To be good at your job, you need to not only perform what is asked, but what is expected as well.

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