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Comment Um, no (Score 5, Informative) 443

What happened? He downloaded some papers from the public library in an automated fashion and shared them for his colleagues.

Sure, if by "some" you mean "4+ million", by "public library" you mean "a private datastore" and by "in an automated fashion" you mean "by sneaking into a computer room and illicitly connecting to the network".

I'm disgusted by the DOJ charges too, but people like you who try and gloss over the facts of what he was doing are just making the rest of us look bad. The DOJ response was ridiculous even given what he actually did. No need to pretend he was just innocently downloading a couple of papers from Gizmodo...

Comment Re:Pirate??? (Score 1) 656

So he pirated a few documents and distributed them? Why did this end in his death?

If by "a few", you mean about 4 million, then, yes.

And from what I've read it ended in his death because sadly he suffered from depression for years and the stress of this case was too much for him.

Comment Re:$1400-$2400 per course? (Score 1) 177

They seriously thought the Chinese were going to pay that kind of tuition, for a single course at the fucking University of California, that probably isn't even applicable to a degree?

I totally agree. I was very excited this morning to discover some predictive analysis graduate level courses online at Northwestern. I stayed excited right up until I spewed coffee all over myself when I saw that they wanted $3800 per course. I don't need that course to predict that I won't be taking it.

Comment Re:Why are we quoting the AAPS? (Score 4, Insightful) 851

The AAPS is a fringe group with less than 3000 doctors.

Exactly this. I am so sick of articles quoting fringe groups with authoritative sounding names but failing to disclose the fringe nature of the group.

The dead giveaway, of course, was the part where the alleged doctor tried to claim there was no scientific basis for vaccination... Fucking loons.

Comment Re:Yet Another Reason Not To Fly (Score 1) 342

Most of these complaints are bullshit. They are choices you make. Don't want to pay for parking at the airport? Take a cab. Don't want to pay a lot for airport food? Bring snacks. Don't want to pay for wifi? Don't pay for wifi. Don't want to pay for a pillow? Bring one.

Then there are just the whiny ones - "OMG, I had to wait 15 mins for a shuttle! Don't these people realize how important I am?"

And, of course, there are the very rare ones that almost never occur during your trip. In over 20 years of extensive international travel including throughout Africa and the Middle East, I've never had anything stolen from my luggage and it's only been misdirected/delayed a handful of times (and never actually "lost").

So, if these whiny complaints are worth days of your time to drive from New York to LA, or New York to Brasilia, then clearly you have too much time on your hands.

Comment Re:Niche languages? (Score 1) 224

I'm not saying it's good or bad, I'm just saying he is grossly misinformed if he thinks Python is a niche language. It's used by huge sites and from what I've seen has replaced Java as the language most used to teach programming.

His whole point was that you'd be better off learning C (seriously, wtf?) and then C++ than Python, and I think that's just demonstrably not true across the board. Sure, there are still lots of areas where a language like C++ is superior, but for the vast majority of people looking to learn programming, Python is a much better choice and increasingly in high demand.

Personally, I use R, but I'm mostly a data analysis geek.

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