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Comment I'm guessing I'm getting too damned old.. (Score 2) 107

Because I honestly don't get it. I mean don't you guys have smartphones? I just keep all my tunes on a MicroSD in my smartphone and thanks to bluetooth I have no problem playing them anywhere be it at home or on the road and it doesn't cost me a dime or cause me to give my tunes to some third party to snoop and delete at their whim.

Call me old fashioned but I'll take storage I control over some corp any day of the week!

Comment Re:If the signature itself is tampered with (Score 1) 244

Because I give a flying flipping fuck if anybody knows I looked at some 70s Buck Rodgers action figures...why exactly? Lets be clear this SOLVES NOTHING when it comes to the REAL threats users see every.single.day. be it malware adverts or devices spying on them or needing a fricking stinger just to know if your cellphone is stealing all your data but hey this is SECURITY THEATER, all that matters is the appearance of doing something, right?

Oh and some more terrorists (wanna bet they were migrants let in thanks to open borders?) just ran over a couple of dozen people while screaming Aloha Snackbar so be sure to put up your "our hearts go out to (insert city name)" hashtag, after all it will do about as much as this will to stop actual threats.

Comment Re:If the signature itself is tampered with (Score 5, Insightful) 244

Insightful? Really mods? Lets take a site like Megofan...all it has is scans of old Mego adverts and interviews with the guys that worked there. No sign in, no information from the user at all, just some static images and text....now WHY IN THE FUCK does this need to be encrypted? Anybody? Beuller?

You want to make the web safe? KILL JAVASCRIPT DEAD and while you are at it BAN accepting code from third parties like these sleazy as fuck advert companies...tada! Web is safe as in your mama's arms...oh but that would mean website owners might have to get off their overfed asses, wipe the Cheetos dust off their fingers and actually VET THEIR ADS instead of just bitching and whining when we block them! Can't have that, nope so lets make every site in the free world including those that are nothing but text and jpegs encrypt for...not a damned reason other than SECURITY THEATER.

This is a classic example of the "we have to DO SOMETHING!" bullshit, a variation of the "think of the children!" kind of thinking...does it solve the REAL problem, which is our devices spying on us, malware filled adverts, or any of the real nasty things we've been dealing with? Nope. But hey it lets CA vendors make more money while putting on the appearance of giving a fuck and that is just as good in these days of hastag "our hearts are with" insert name of city...right?

Comment Re:money well spent (Score 3, Insightful) 166

To be fair lets say, just for the sake of argument, that they found that there was alien spacecraft flying over our heads. Now what do you think the public would say when the PTBs announced "There are alien spacecraft that have visited us. they are superior to our technology in every way and if they decide to be hostile we have absolutely no chance...have a nice day."

You would have the excrement hit the bladed cooling device at the speed of light, riots, religious whackos doing all kinds of crazy shit, the destruction would be epic. Remember the line from MiB? "A person is smart. People are dumb, panicky dangerous animals and you know it."

Comment Re:FFS just deprecate window.open (Score 1) 43

Sorry but bullshit because we used to have a web that functioned just fine with only ads that were TXT or JPG or if they wanted to be really fancy? A GIF. And it all worked fine, no need for all this blocking because ads couldn't run code and thus couldn't be filled with malware.

If this web cannot survive without malware ridden pop ups and risking people's PCs for the benefit of lazy programmers who refuse to accept responsibility for the malware they shovel while they scream about adblocking? Then let it die, nothing of value will be lost.

Comment Re:Stop calling it a console (Score 1) 80

Because that is fucking stupid and like claiming your smartphone is the equal of a modern desktop because it has a CPU and RAM in it? Consoles, like desktops, have more powerful chips designed to give the best performance within reason, while handhelds are strictly limited by very low power limitations and use chips designed for mobile...now guess what the Switch is? Lets see, strictly limited by power...check, uses chips designed for mobile devices...check.

Yeah sorry to burst your bubble but the Switch is a handheld, if you wanted to be more specific its no different than several gaming tablets like the Nvidia Shield.

Comment Re:Does it have any games? (Score 1) 80

And the Wii U was a tablet...remember? Gimmicks worked for the original Wii but the casuals have moved to smartphones...now why would I want this when I can get hundreds of thousands of games on my smartphone and I have to carry my phone anyway?

This is what has killed most mobile devices, the simple fact that you are gonna carry your phone anyway so why not just use that? Its not convenient to have to lug around another device when you already have a high res screen and an appstore that gives you all the games you can want for 99c or less.

Comment Did you also think the Patriot act was patriotic? (Score 1) 215

Protip...Congress likes to name bills the OPPOSITE of what they actually do. All this changes does is revert things to the way they were in the long ago time of...2015 while removing ISPs from the same regs that were used to justify the AT&T wiretaps. All those "ZOMFG they are gonna kill the nets!" FUD? Yeah there are already multiple federal laws preventing that already on the books.

But hey don't listen to me or anybody else's opinion on the subject why don't you actually read the bill? Raise your hands how many of you actually read the bill you are screaming to save versus how many of you are just parroting what you heard some talking head say? the same talking heads that I might remind you said HRC wasn't a crook while she smashed her phones with a hammer to destroy evidence and bought the DNC and the superdelegates to make sure Bernie couldn't win, said there was WMDs in Iraq despite there being ample evidence that wasn't the case, and again sang the praises of PATRIOT? Think for yourself people, don't just believe what you are told!

Comment Re:Stop calling it a console (Score 1) 80

If that is all that is required then all those handhelds sold by Aliexpress are all consoles, in fact NOTHING is really a portable, as damned near every handheld has had the ability to plug into a TV and has had for several years. Hell the sub $20 PSP knock offs (I picked up my mine for $2 from an eCig store and sorry they sold out) all come with a little 1/8 into RCA adapter so you can plug those into TVs...you gonna sit here and argue that all of those are consoles too?

Comment Re:Does it have any games? (Score 1) 80

But how many of those are old shit you can get in the bargain bin on the PC and other consoles like Skyrim and Shovel Knight? Everyone seems to forget that the Wii U got third party titles the first year of its release as well, but they were all older titles and graphically inferior compared to what everybody else got.

The Nintendo fanboys can scream and mod me down but this is EXACTLY how the Wii U started, with inferior ports with lower graphics and a handful of first party titles. The first year you can't really judge as that is when the hardcore Nintendo fans are buying, all those that have every version of Mario going back to Mario Bros on the NES, the first year of Wii U really wasn't bad either and if the press hadn't shit on it out of the gate? It might have done even better...but that doesn't equal having legs.

Lets see how this thing does in year 2 when the other 2 and PC are getting much better graphics than its capable of generating, lets see how it does when the regular players figure out that top titles everyone wants like Cuphead won't be coming to Switch and lets see how those sales are this time next year when they realize they will almost never get the big titles at launch or even within a year of launch. Personally I wanted to like the Switch, I really did, but when you've had 2 consoles in a row with effectively zero third party support? You don't do shit that will make it really really hard for those third party devs to support you. Everyone else has gone X86, Nintendo went ARM and the ARM fanboys can scream and get in line to mod me down but ARM on its best day just cannot compete with X86 and this means a dev can write code and have it run on everyone BUT the Switch...now why are they gonna sink all that money to port to Switch when they can just stick with X86 and have everyone else covered?

Comment Re:Who? (Score 1, Troll) 49

You obviously haven't been paying attention. in case you haven't heard Google has put a full on SJW as president of YouTube who went so far as to give exclusive interviews to the Young Turks (you know, the ones that deny the Armenian genocide because it doesn't fit their political narrative?) and while not doing shit about the "kill all the whites and jews" far left channels like BAMN or even doing shit about the rampant pedo invasion they've had for FOUR FRICKING YEARS now what they HAVE done is rush to demonitize anyone whose views are farther right than Trigglypuff, going so far as to set up blacklists of anyone whose political views don't follow the narrative. Popular YouTuber Razorfist showed everyone it was indeed a blacklist when he uploaded a 5 minute video of him pointing to a blank wall and going "blah blah blah" and it was demonitized in less than 10 minutes.

Never forget YouTube is MAKING MONEY off of these people, they are able to sell spots based on traffic and its these YouTubers that are driving the traffic. Steven Crowder alone gets more views than CNN but gets instantly demonitized despite his vids being more tame than Seinfeld while the jihad and pedo channels? Yeah never demonitized. The faster YouTube is replaced by a company that cares about the free market more than politics? The better.

Comment Re:The DMCA (Score 1) 239

Yeah they could do that OR...just spitballing here...they could fix their buggy ass code that allows cheating in the first place and call it a day...how about that?

Let us be honest here okay? The kid is pointing out the house is on fire, removing the kid? Not gonna put out the fire. If your game is easily exploitable by cheat tools then you have MUCH BIGGER PROBLEMS than some 14 year old kid because how do you think the fricking kid found it? Think he coded that shit?

Until they patch the code you should consider every player a cheater because its obvious these dumbasses have NO fricking clue who is cheating or who is not. after all if they did they could just slap a permaban on every cheating fucknuts and that would be that right?

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