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Comment Re:Next step to prevent PC piracy (Score 1) 795

But he was implying that the majority of gamers are dropping 2-3k on a computer. Which is insane. I've only known a couple of people in my life that spent that much on a computer to improve their gaming experience. I will give you, those 2 people probably did pirate the majority of their video games. But that's like saying I know that the MAJORITY of people jaywalking are running across the street to get away from the cops after committing a crime. Sure, some do, but the majority of people jaywalk so that they are not "inconvenienced".

Comment Re:how to stop this from happening? (Score 1) 774

It's cases like these that make me hope I get picked for jury duty and end up in one of these cases. Just so I can be more objective about what actually happened. Of course from what I know about the legal system, the prosecuting attorney will probably kick off any juror that knows what a computer is.

Comment Re:Devious (Score 1) 774

So what you did to that puppy when you were 7, yeah, we'll always know about it.

Seven puppies were harmed during the making of this post.

I take it you're speaking from personal experience?

Comment Re:We're men....we're men in tights (Score 1) 88

I have to disagree somewhat. I mean the idea is that we will move in the most powerful appealing direction. If prosthetics have more to offer than just having our own limbs again, it will happen. Of course at that point it makes you wonder if people would be hacking off limbs just to get that sweet tech. What I find a lot more likely is that if we gain the ability to regrow limbs, that prosthetics will move in an enhancement direction instead of a replacement direction. Instead of having a robot arm, maybe you'll have a robot sleeve that you wear that makes you stronger.

Comment Re:False assumption (Score 1) 814

How often do you end a sentence with Mr, Prof, or M? I suppose it would happen periodically, but not often enough that you couldn't just set those types of words as exceptions. All that being said, I do my writing in gedit or vim because I think a word processor should allow you to do the typing instead of trying to do the thinking for you.

Comment Re:3D TV is another ball of wax... (Score 1) 255

Maybe they are waiting to make more movies until the 3D technologies improve because of all these complaints we have. Chances are if people are shelling out a couple grand for these things, as well as a bunch of 3D movies to watch on it, and then it fails to impress, and hurts the eyes, and all that, maybe it would sour people to the technology, making it a lot harder to get people to buy when technology improves.

If instead they only release a movie or two, then only the people that are obsessed with having the next new thing will buy it, and they of course won't be dissapointed no matter how much it hurts their eyes because it's the next big thing.

Comment Re:Always 25 years (Score 1) 152

I'm with you that there isn't much of a place for government secrets. But it's a gray area. The reason they're not public to us about things like stealth bombers is because it takes a little bit of the stealth out of it if your enemies know what's coming. I'm from the point of view that there shouldn't be a need for enemies in this age, but at the same time deciding to be completely open about our military ability is just begging for someone that doesn't embrace that point of view to exploit that.

Also, I'm all for trying to tell the government that we are against their current policies, but there might be more elegant approaches. If everyone banded together and protested the governments policies and put up a general stink about it all, things would slowly change. Problem is that most people don't feel a need to be that educated on the inner workings of the government that has a degree of power over us. Of course if I'm wrong that there are many people out there that want things to change, that brings up another point. If the majority of America wants there to be classified secrets of the government, it only takes one person leaking information to infringe on the rights of a nation. I'm not saying that anyone should ditch the country, but the majority supposedly makes the rules. And if that majority decision doesn't sit well with you, I'd like to believe there are other nations with other viewpoints. Just a thought anyway.

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