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Submission + - Review: Ubuntu Linux Versus Vista

An anonymous reader writes: InformationWeek pits Ubuntu Linux versus Windows Vista in a detailed comparison. The results are unusual for this type of review because it straddles the fence. The verdict is: "a tie, but only because both platforms fall short in some ways. Vista's roster of backup features aren't available in every SKU of the product; Ubuntu doesn't have anything like Vista's shadow copy system and its user-friendly backup tools are pretty rudimentary." Do you agree?

Submission + - New Pidgin pixmaps

An anonymous reader writes: Well, these days the Pidgin (former Gaim) team has come up with some new images to represent the IM app we all know and love. My anonymous opinion is that they suck... badly. What does the slashdot crowd think? Is it to late to help the Pidgin developers with some cool and web twooish ideas?

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