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Comment Re:Sweet! 43 Billion! (Score 1) 222

27 billion divided by the population of 22.45 million is $1200 per PERSON not per household. So in our home - 2 adults and 2 kids that's $4800. I will be paying $480 a year for 10 years in addition tax as will all Australians.

And you'll be paying $24.7 billion / 22.45 million * 4 = $4400 every year in tangible costs associated with alcohol abuse.

I know which I'd prefer to see cut.

Comment Re:Blah (Score 1) 725

You assume the GP has it. He doesn't, for instance, if the person he loves is a minor, an octopi or his own sister.

And before you reply "but that'd be disgusting!" be aware that the same can be (and has been) said of homosexuality as well.

The problem with having sex with a child is that it damages that person. It's disturbing that your morality is so removed from the concept of people's well-being that you thought that pedophilia was merely distasteful.

Comment Re:Potential abuse of research? (Score 1) 586

I thought the same from the summary. What is morally wrong that doesn't cause harm? But having read the article, I think that the distinction was between actions that caused harm and actions intended to cause harm:

"The confusion in the brain made it harder for subjects to interpret the boyfriend's intent, said Young, and instead made the subjects focus solely on the situation's outcome."

Comment Re:What's a Paypal? (Score 1) 253

Wow, that's balanced. FP gets 5 interesting for remarking that they don't use PayPal without bothering to specify why.

GP says he supports PayPal's decision because they're a private entity and his comment gets modded as a troll and further down the thread insulted (which is modded 2:insightful).

No, I'm not new here but this kind of blatant bias really does nobody any favours and can hardly be called moderation.

So I'm wondering, Mr Moderator, will you mod me up if I say FUCK YOU too.

Comment Re:Business as usual (Score 1) 336

That's brilliant!! It placates those few that are worried about getting their personal data out of Google whilst the majority leave theirs in there.

Correct me if I'm wrong (you will won't you?) but that is the only Google product/help page that doesn't look like a page from Google. Everything about it spells hippy, commie, open-source weirdo. Not the kind of site that a respectable cubicle dweller should be on.

It's genius. Provide a help page that mainstream users will be scared of. Hats off.

From Google's point of view, it doesn't matter if individual users have access to their own data. As long as they're the only ones with access to everyone's data.

Comment Re:Horseshit. (Score 1) 330

Not just Japanese. I meet a reasonable number of people from Hong Kong, China & Taiwan. Yahoo! is clearly preferred in these countries too.

I think that it's to do with instant messaging. Once your friends have one thing, you tend to go with that as well. Yahoo must have focused on that part of the world first.

Comment Re:Where's the... (Score 1) 507

I would never blame a computer for a programmer's error. How do we blame a person for its hardware and programming?

Quite right but it doesn't mean that you shouldn't punish them if punishment and/or the threat of punishment keeps them from offending and makes things safer and more pleasant for everyone else.

I can't see how we can do anything other than behave according to what we are and what we perceive around us. However, excusing bad behaviour on the basis of that is changing the environment around us and is likely to make more of behave badly.


FOSS Sexism Claims Met With Ire and Denial 1255

Last Friday Bryce Byfield gave us a little insight into the fallout surrounding his article on sexism in the FOSS world. Unfortunately it seems that FOSS junkies did little better than the rest of the world with respect to sexism, displaying similar levels of denial, abuse, and ignorance. "But the real flood of emotion comes from the anti-feminists and the average men who would like to deny the importance of feminist issues in FOSS. Raise the subject of sexism, and you are met with illogic that I can only compare to that of the tobacco companies trying to deny the link between their products and cancer. Because I took a feminist stance in public, I have been abused in every way possible — being called irrelevant, a saboteur, coward, homosexual, and even a betrayer of the community. I know that many women in the community have been attacked much more savagely than I have, so I'm not complaining. Nor am I a stranger to readers who disagree with me, but the depth of reaction has taken me back more than once. I think the reaction is an expression of denial more than anything else."

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