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Comment Re:Mixed feelings (Score 1) 244

I agree with the part that largely bad code is a programmer's fault rather than the language, a skilled programmer could right a great program in LOLCODE. The problem with PHP is the inconsistency in syntax. Lot of function takes arguments in a different way eg: some functions take the variable being modified first, some do the opposite. The language changes too rapidly. A lot of code written for 5.2 is deprecated in 5.3.

So if you hate PHP, or you simply can't bring yourself to understand it, it's fair to assume you wouldn't like like C++ either. And for that matter, you certainly wouldn't enjoy Perl, any version of C (other than the sharp kind), Python, Ruby, Java, or any other modern language not developed by our friends in Redmond.

I hate working in PHP and I love writing code in Python/C/C++. And no I don't have a lot of experience with the .net family

Comment Other side of the coin (Score 1) 653

I am working on a project that was outsourced to my company. The project is way too complicated and requires a deep knowledge of stock/forex markets which I don't have but my PHB accepted the project and now I'm stuck with it and I'm the *only* person who's writing the whole application. I am producing shitty code and I hate doing that. But how to compare putting in a lot of time trying to find a job that probably will suck as much vs delivering shit code that will never come back to me?

Comment Re:why can everyone be happy. (Score 1) 272

You are lucky if a country code TLD actually matches where the website actually originates from or is targeted to.

Which is why you should pay attention more to what it says on the front page than it says in the TLD.

Exactly. Montenegro was assigned the TLD .me and what it is used for is 'fuck.me' and 'screw.me'. Heck even I have a .me domain and I didn't know the name of the country before getting the domain.

Comment Re:Get another job (Score 1) 516

That's because programmers have no people skills.

I really don't get this stereotype. I am a programmer most of the time but I also communicate with my organization's clients and from the results I don't think I do a bad job. I agree for geeks people skills don't come naturally but when you apply your brain to study human interactions, geeks can be better at communicating with people. Although I guess it would be a different part of the brain that would be involved in interactions with people.

Comment Re:Bargain (Score 1) 735

I have been in this situation. I accepted the counter offer my company gave. In retrospect that was a big mistake. I could no longer work from home. Earlier nobody cared how many hours I put in as long as the work was done but after the 'raise' I would get an email anytime I was at work less than 8 hours and I had to send in a daily report of every action. In addition to the project I was handling I had to mentor 2 junior developers. When my Blackberry died(company provided) it was replaced with the cheapest model, one of the guys working under me had a better model(seems petty but it stings). I ended up leaving 6 months later anyway(there were many other reasons too). So my advise would be if you are getting a better offer, take it.

Comment I don't get why this is a big deal (Score 1) 417

I have two google accounts, one for important stuff(communicating with potential employers when I decide to switch jobs, communicating with my bank etc.) and a second one for /., forums, facebook etc. On the first one I use my real name and I haven't joined G+, I have not noticed any degradation of any service because of that, can someone explain what am I losing except integration with G+? On the second one I use a nickname but it seems like a real name so I haven't had my account deleted etc. Can someone please tell me what the fuss is about? If you want to be anonymous just create a new online identity and for stuff that directly links to you don't use stuff like G+. Geeks worried about privacy? I wouldn't care until my browser started sending out headers with the info I registered with my ISP. As for Joe Average, I couldn't care less.

Comment Every 'IT act' in India provides some serious LOLs (Score 1) 113

I live in India and I've witnessed a lot of this asshattery by the clueless so called 'IT/ cybercrime' department of the goverment. Last month they were asking RIM to provide them access to any communication on BlackBerry phones(messenger and browsing) in India, I simply have no idea why they think 'terrorists' will use a particular medium when they have announced they are watching it. Almost all 'terrorist' communication is carried out on phones registered with fake IDs or encrypted email, nothing which they can control. Just sounds to me like a scam for saying 'we put Rs xxxxxxxxx into this effort' and pay .00000001% of it to some barely qualified programmer to write a few regexes on a single server which never is able to process the whole data of whatever they plan on monitoring.

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