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Comment Re:I'll just be right here... (Score 2) 151

It is also unclear how Symantec's source code ended up with the Lords of Dharmaraja, whose public face goes by the name Yamatough on a Twitter feed.
Yamatough, whose profile picture shows a Tibetan painting of Dharmaraja, the Hindu god of death and justice, follows many members of the "Anonymous" hacking collective, and Symantec attributes the hack to that group.

I never knew you could follow someone Anonymous.

Comment Re:A Little Help Please? (Score 1, Troll) 140

Do you really trust this company that their software will indeed work as informed (sending ONLY if allowed, not logging user habits, etc)? After numerous times saying that their software is harmless to the users and each and everyday being proven wrong by security specialists I wouldn't trust it even with these settings turned off.

Comment Re:Translation... (Score 1) 318

On another note, most new-car dealerships make more from their repair departments then their sales departments.

This. It's exactly what's happening in most dealerships now, they even say it's ok if sales doesn't make a profit because you're supposed to get most of your income from the repair dept.

Comment Cool (Score 1) 168

As a former CS player I say it's really nice! Maybe soon enough you will be able to install your own applications and maybe even your own OS into those consoles and hook up extra hardware like network and video cards! Maybe they will even let you change the CPU for better performance! Oh wait....

Comment Re:Of course (Score 1) 538

One thing you need to learn in business. Never say "No". You will look like you are an obstruction, rather than part of the "solution". I've found the way management works is based partially on what I call "happy horseshit", which means that your attitude tends to mean more than facts do. Even if you are correct 100% of the time, if you present that with a negative attitude, you're just as apt to be shunned or even fired as the incompetent people. Indeed, you'll probably be hated more, because the incompetent people might well be amiable idiots.

And who thought we could learn something at slashdot..

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