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Comment Re:Outstanding. (Score 1) 454

It might be so in the US or UK or wherever your are from, but in Spain everybody over eighteen is obligated to carry our national id (DNI) or similar. If you don't they have every right to take you "downtown" and verify your identity. I don't see the problem in proving you are who you say you are. Example:
COP: Afternoon sir, We are looking for a known serial killer named xxxx. May I see your ID?
RANDOM PERSON: No, but my name is yyyy, I'm not xxxx.
COP: Ok, thank you sir. Good day.

If you don't see a problem with that, you should go back to your cabin, Unabomber.

Comment What I just don't get (Score 2, Insightful) 647

The thing about drug-testing (not alcohol) for driving purposes that always leaves me wondering is: how the they know I'm positively high? Maybe I shared a joint a month ago with my buddies, and since THC is fat-soluble it lasts longer than any other controlled substance in your system. Maybe it doesn't last for so long in your saliva, but still there should be a threshold just like there is with alcohol ( >0.23 = your are busted, 0.23 = you can go now). How do they legally state that you are not ok to operate a motor vehicle?? In my opinion the only way to assess this would be by legalizing, and then restricting. This way it's just nuts.

Comment Re:The Fans DID Notice It Though (Score 2, Funny) 198

Half of the joke is only seen when you hover over the cartoon.

Man..., after all this time following xkcd, and i just learned that from you (I wondered what you meant, and i just checked it with monday's strip). I wonder what i've been missing all this time (not gonna recheck them). I guess i'll wait until i buy the book and hope they use the hover-over text as a bottom note.
  I feel dumb. And judging by your +5 Informative, i'm not the only one who learnt something today.

Comment Re:As opposed to the current generation.. (Score 0) 177

IThe problem with the PS3 is not that it doesn't have software but ...

Let me stop you right there. The reason why the PS3 is not dominating the market is completely software related. It's related to the fact that you can't pirate PS3 games (hooray DRM!!). The very same reason why they made it so big with their first console (pirating games for the original PlayStation was the greatest selling point of their platform) is the reason they are not dominating right now. I noticed this a while back while thinking about purchasing a new console. If you do the math, xbos360 and a few pirate games totally wins over the PS3 and 50+ euros per game.
Just my 2 cents.

Comment Re:Really? (Score 1) 711

Seeing the results, it's obvious where most readers live. Me, I prefer CEE 7/16, which is the usual socket where I'm living right now (Spain), and I guess most of Europe. The French kind is the same but it's earth with a rod instead of a side connector, which makes it impossible to connect upside down. That's why I prefer CEE 7/16, the freedom; it's also very tough.

Disclaimer: I had to search the names in wikipedia to see which one was which.

Comment Re:Crazy people (Score 1) 515

I saw a piece on TV about this very same phenomenon, with people making the same kind of absurd claims. What really seemed off to me was the fact that even though they claimed to be extremely sensible to the presence of electronic devices, they didn't seem to be bothered by the camera crew, illumination, sound and the reporter doing the interview, taking into consideration not only their technical equipment but also their cellphones etc. As soon as I saw this I called (psychosomatic) BULLSHIT!

Role Playing (Games)

Free Realms Approaches the Five-Million-Player Mark 77

A few days ago at Comic-Con, Sony Online Entertainment president John Smedley spoke about the success of Free Realms, their free-to-play MMORPG that relies on microtransactions for a business model. The game was released at the end of April, and by mid-June there were upwards of three million registered users. Now that total is approaching five million, with no sign of slowing down. Min Kim, another panelist at the discussion, said, "When people started talking about it back in 2003 or 2004, people said Western games would never want to do this, to play a game for free and then buy items. And now everybody is saying, 'We're going to have microtransactions as part of our business model.'"

Ireland Criminalizes Blasphemy Screenshot-sm 1376

An anonymous reader writes "Another European country clamps down on free speech. From the article: 'It does seem bizarre that, in 2009, a modern European nation would seek to shield religious belief from criticism — yet that is what is happening in Ireland right now. In repealing the 1961 Defamation Act, the Irish government sought to expunge the worst excesses of Ireland's draconian laws restricting free speech, but in the process it has ended up making offending religious belief a criminal offence. Aside from a 25,000 fine (reduced from the 100,000 originally sought by the government), the new Defamation Act gives the authorities the power to stage raids on publishers: the courts may now issue a warrant authorising the police to enter, using "reasonable force," premises where they have grounds for believing there are copies of "blasphemous statements."'"

Comment Re:Real world identities (Score 1) 40

Bravo! I must say i'm pretty flattered by your search. Only a couple of errors (the mininova thing and my current residence) but still pretty good. That's why i started using a different nick for my dirty deeds (and Tor). For example, you don't want to use the same nick for slashdot and for that BSDM site you like so much (rhetorical you).
And by the way, your nick only yields slashdot posts, so kudos on that (or get out more), whatever answer is better. Cheers!

Comment Real world identities (Score 1, Interesting) 40

And today, we spend a lot of our time putting our real world identities out there and sharing them

I must say that even though i (lightly) use social sites i take great care in maintaining my real identity as obscure as possible, so only people who know me can recognize me. I can proudly say that if i google my full name it yields 0 results. How many of you can say that??

Disclaimer: I'm from Spain, and here we have two last names, making collisions harder (e.g. John Smith)

Comment Re:Practice! (Score 1) 323

Actually, the equivalent of the RIAA here in Spain is called SGAE, which roughly translates as "General Society of Authors and Editors". As a Spaniard and a rabid bittorrent user, I officially welcome this sudden outbreak of common sense. But let's see first how long this lasts and how far it goes (as Mr Wolf would say: let's not start sucking our cocks just yet!)

Comment Re:Ridiculous (Score 3, Insightful) 229

What i think this guy should do is to publish the name of the problematic bank and/or ATM vendor, and give their users a month to withdraw all of their assets from that bank (since they clearly don't care about their customers' finances) and move to another one (of their own choosing). I'm sure as hell they would fix the problem ipso facto. My 2 cents.

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