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Comment Re:The lawsuits are ridiculous but... (Score 1) 988

Yes, absolutely. LG announced the Prada in Dec 2006, and the iPhone was announced less than a month later and shipped less than six months later. You're totally right. Apple stole the Prada design, wrote an entire operating system that acted in totally different ways than that on the Prada, and shipped a breakthrough industrial design that blew away the bulky Prada all in six months? *And* they had a functional demo of it working less than a month later, for MacWorld?

Do you people even read what you write?

Comment Re:How do we work this (Score 1) 988

I'm getting real tired of the "Apple stole" part. See, when Apple "steals," that means they buy the company or license the technology and/or patents. When Android "steals," they don't do any of those things, because Google doesn't "believe" in patents.

Comment Re:and what about xerox's stuff? (Score 1) 988

I can't believe people still say this. It is not and never has been correct. The Lisa team already had a GUI before the visit to PARC, and the interface that the Lisa and then Mac ended up with had nothing to do with Smalltalk, or even each other for that matter (except for the underlying drawing architecture, LisaGraf/QuickDraw, both being written by Bill Atkinson). You should check your facts next time.

Comment my kingdom for a mod point (Score 1) 155

Thank you for signing up and owning his ass. I was so frustrated with everyone here saying the warrant was "illegal" just because the article implied it was so. My god people are stupid. I wish I had mod points to give you. Your posts were all excellent and yet the coward that claimed you were wrong didn't even bother to respond because you owned him so thoroughly.

Comment Re:That DA is a funny moron. (Score 1) 155

They were not unlawfully seized. Jesus. Does no one read? Withdrawing a warrant doesn't make it illegal. Warrants can be withdrawn for any number of reasons. In this case, Chen chose to cooperate so to avoid ambiguity at trial they withdrew the warrant because they effectively had his permission to search his property. Even *if* the warrant was found to be illegal it doesn't matter because Chen authorized the search at a later date. All of the evidenced seized was seized legally, and it remains so.

Comment Re:lawsuit (Score 1) 155

There's been absolutely no proof that anything happened other than some guy somewhere claimed some people showed up to his house saying such and such. IMO, it's way more likely it was just some Joe Schmoe lying to get into the tabloids rather than anything actually having happened, but retards here on Slashdot love a good anti-Apple story, lack of facts be damned.

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