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Comment Re:The man behind the curtain... (Score 1) 418

I wouldn't be surprised if Lockheed Martin/Boeing secretly funded Russia's stealth fighter project to justify restarting production on the F-22.

The little problem with this claim is that it would be treason to do that. I'm not saying it in the rhetorical sense, but in the get-put-in-jail-for-a-long-time sense. That's a pretty big risk for a businessman to take when it really doesn't matter. There's plenty of fish in the government ocean.

Really? It is a convictable offense under federal laws if a private US corporation invested money in russian arms industry? What laws would be broken?.

Comment Re:Chronic Problem (Score 3, Insightful) 418

Just to add to that - Russian people in general are extremely proud of their country's military power; most large Russian towns will have regular military parades, parks with military hardware for people to take their photo with, retired missiles and jet fighters on display beside main roads and so on. Spending a large portion of their GDP on their armed forces isn't seen as a frivolity or opposed by anything but a tiny minority of Russian citizens.

Which sounds pretty close to the attitude of the people in the US as well.

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