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Comment meanwhile, on the news site.... (Score 0) 91

Upper right corner: "FLASH SALE: SpyShelter Premium 1YR 33% OFF!"

That managed to make it through adblocking and Umatrix. I am somewhat surprised that they only seem to use Google Analytics, though. Very, very little in the way of third party javascript for ad networks and analytics/tracking.

Comment Re:gun show (Score 1) 81

That quote is ridiculous. Anybody who's ever been to a gun show can tell you it's one of the safest most orderly mass congregations of people you'll ever have the pleasure of attending. The stuff that's for sale adheres to strict local, state, and federal laws. And there is no tolerance by the show management, attendees, or other vendors of shenanigans.

six people shot in one week at gun shows.

That's just one example. Googling "man shot gun show" yields a veritable treasure-trove of examples of accidental discharges at gun shows.

Kind of an odd definition of "safest most orderly mass congregations of people you'll ever have the pleasure of attending", seeing as how I have never been to an event where anyone was shot, including a 4th of July concert where there were a million people.

Comment NYC not so hot on correctly enforcing bike laws (Score 1) 178

Comment specious and wrong (Score 1) 259

" There's a reason that Tour de France competitors burn 7000 calories a day."

Yes, there is. They're the world's most competitive cyclists, racing at speeds about 3 times higher than your average transportation cyclist, and remember that air resistance is a function of velocity squared. The power they're capable of generating, for hours on end, is nearly an order of magnitude greater than a person who does not cycle regularly.

"Bikes take very little energy to be propelled forward, but they get that energy in a horribly inefficient manner using an energy source with massive environmental impacts."

Aside from the fact that many people over-eat and thus need not consume any extra calories - food distribution is incredibly efficient, the cost of fuel for distribution is built-in to the cost of food, and the number of additional calories needed by someone riding a few miles a day amounts to a very small percentage of their daily food budget. Simply adding a slightly larger portion of carbs - one of the cheapest food sources there is - is sufficient.

There's something like 1600 calories in a box of spaghetti that costs ~$1-2. So an extra 200 calories a day costs about twenty five cents.

How much do you spend on gas per day?

Comment Boston is a clusterfuck of separate services/DBs (Score 1) 159

Boston's system does not show a flow through the system, because there is no system. Every department in the city has its own computer system, and it appears they've refused to unify them or link them together.

Essentially, your ticket with CC is closed when it gets entered into a department's worklog. Whether it actually gets done or not, you have no idea.

Comment Boston has an app like this. It's useless. (Score 5, Interesting) 159

Boston has had an app like this; it's called "Citizens Connect."

Essentially, it's a very half-assed ticketing system. You open a ticket, and that's it - you can't provide any further information, or challenge a request, or re-open it. There is only one action city worker can do - "close" the ticket. About the only thing they got right was not forcing people to select a category; a team of staffers handle that.

What people quickly discovered was that city workers would just close tickets, regardless of whether the work actually got done or not. So, what you saw increasingly were tickets that said "STOP CLOSING MY REQUESTS WITHOUT FIXING IT."

That beats Cambridge, MA's system, which has horrendously poor geotagging and only accepts requests in a few limited, narrow issue categories.

I have three or four of these apps for the various cities I spend time in now. It's stupid. There is a national service set up, but cities don't like it because it provides a lot of reporting to the public. City workers don't like Joe Q Public seeing how long requests take to clear and stuff like that. Makes 'em look bad....

Comment ad hominem (Score 1) 688

This seems like a dig at Sarah Sharp, implying that she hasn't contributed anything, and further implying that one's argument is wrong or unworthy if you haven't contributed work. This is basically ad hominem. Whether someone has contributed work is irrelevant to whether their argument is sound or not.

Comment Re:How it should be (Score 1) 688

Sadly I predict that many comments here won't get that. They will instead call him a pussy because he couldn't stand the heat, and acted like a girl by leaving. Let's see if I'm right.

If people sling misogynistic, sexist comments like that at him, then I'd say he was absolutely right.

Referring to women's genitals or their gender to insult a man is doubly sexist and inappropriate.

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