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Comment Re:Nope, ain't happening (Score 3, Informative) 328

Except at launch, the xbox with the 20GB HDD was $399.99, or $299.99 without a HDD. Want to upgrade your launch xbox to a more reasonably sized hard drive? I hope you're ready to pay extra. Oh shit, did your xbox get a red ring of death while out of warranty? Guess you'll have to buy another! Also, have fun with the $50/year for xbox live if you want to play multiplayer!

So, 5 years of xbox 360:
1. Launch console, $400
2. New HDD, $100
3. Replacement console after RROD, $300
4. 5+ years of xbox live, $250+

Total: $1050+

Suddenly, that $800+ on a PC doesn't look so bad.

Comment Re:Alright! (Score 1) 270

Except, in the United States at least, all law enforcement is the responsibility of the Executive Branch. The Executive Branch does the investigation, makes the arrest, and prosecutes. Yes, the police, FBI, and District Attorney (or whatever they call it in your state) all work for the Executive Branch.

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