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Girl Without Vagina Gets Pregnant Via Oral Sex and Stabbing 22

According to a report in the British Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, a 15-year-old girl without a vagina was impregnated via stabbing after performing oral sex on her boyfriend. The girl had been performing the sex act when an ex-lover appeared and stabbed her. She was taken to the hospital where two holes in her abdominal wall were flushed out and repaired. 278 days later the she was admitted again to hospital with abdominal pain. An examination revealed she was pregnant and that she had no vagina. Doctors theorized that spermatozoa gained access to the reproductive organs via the injured gastrointestinal tract.

Man Hurt After Homemade Rocket Explodes 8

A future Darwin Award winner was injured after his homemade rocket exploded during a sledding party. According to witnesses, the 62-year-old man built a "rocket" using a motorcycle muffler, a piece of pipe, gunpowder, match heads and gasoline. He strapped the device to his back, had a fellow party goer light his fuse, and went down the hill on a sled. Soon after its ignition the device exploded, sending its builder to a local hospital.

Roman Army Knife Predates Swiss By 1800 Years

An anonymous reader writes "The Daily Mail describes an 'intricately designed Roman implement, which dates back to 200AD ... made from silver but has an iron blade. It features a spoon, fork as well as a retractable spike, spatula and small tooth-pick. Experts believe the spike may have been used by the Romans to extract meat from snails.' But is it a Roman Army Knife, or an Army Knife of Rome?"

Comment Re:Deep breaths here people (Score 1) 528

There was no evidence given that any uploading took place, except to the unlicensed private investigator.

"A distribution license costs tens of thousands of dollars" - RIAA offered no evidence of that amount, and even if true, such licenses are for all songs, not one song.

Apple's example is revenue sharing, not individual song licensing. Do you think that radio stations pay tens of thousands of dollars for each song played over the air (which are distributed to millions of people), or tens of thousands for an unlimited song performance license?

Comment Re:Deep breaths here people (Score 1) 528

To be compensatory implies somehow equal to the damage caused, which is not the situation in the Tenenbaum case (over 32,000 times the wholesale price per song). If the 5th amendment limits "excessive" punishment by the government, then the government can't make laws that effect excessive punishment by legislating statutory damages to civil courts, in which the defendant has far fewer legal protections than in criminal courts. That is, if it's unconstitutional for the government to do it to you, then it's unconstitutional for the government to enact a statute letting the RIAA do it to you. Even ignoring the 5th amendment, such excessive verdicts are inconsistent with established common law precedent. Remember, the purpose of the civil court system is to find equitable remedies for wrongs. I would add that even if the statutory damages in copyright are not intended to be punitive, in reality they are punitive.

Comment Re:Why was I modded Troll? (Score 4, Informative) 163

The summary was entirely factual, and didn't contain any "anti-RIAA propaganda". Your quote was for a reader comment, not from the original summary.

Read the Starr vs Sony decision linked in the summary and you'll discover that the appeals judges found the evidence is strong that RIAA members have been colluding using illegal (under antitrust law) methods such as price fixing. E.g., they ask why RIAA members raised the wholesale price from $0.65/song to $0.70/song while the second largest distributor of music, eMusic, was wholesaling at $0.25/song. In the stereotypical "normal free market", competition as well as decreased production costs would lead to lower prices.

Comment Re:I notice it. (Score 1) 1049

Yahoo does support POP3 if you use Yahoo Mail Plus. If you Google it you can find some hacks to do IMAP as well even with the free version. I use both Yahoo Mail Plus (great web interface, spam filters and no adds injected into your emails, but has a small yearly cost) and gmail (free, and better if you use an external mail client). They both have their uses.

Comment Discrete, NA, then PDE (Score 5, Interesting) 466

Take the Discrete Math stuff first since you are just beginning to learn Computer Science and it will fit better with those courses. You should then take Numerical Analysis to totally break your concepts that computers are precise. Finally, take the classical Calculus & Differential Equations track just so you can take Partial Differential Equations, at which point the math will start becoming useful for real world Engineering problems.

Comment Boss' perception of unproductivity or poor quality (Score 3, Insightful) 1019

The big issue here is the boss' PERCEPTION that developers are not producing at a level he expects or that the code being produced is crappy. The music edict is just a proxy for his real concern. It is critical for you to make sure the boss doesn't have this perception about YOU specifically. If so, you need to either find a way to change the boss' perception of you, or find another job. Most likely the boss' perception is general, and is not based on any real metrics of productivity or quality. What might help is suggesting to the boss how to collect such metrics, and more importantly how to present to his management that his team is very productive and has the highest quality work. It's very likely that the boss is being pressured by his management, so giving him the tools to fight back will help your teams' chance of avoiding the next round of layoffs. This is good for everyone: the boss gets credit, you are adding value, and everyone is aligned with the company's goals.

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