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Comment Sales Problem and Technical Problem (Score 1) 254

What's wrong with the current system, where we use multiple letters? The answer is it's not just technical problem with unnecessary signals filling the airwaves, it's a sales problem. Customers don't grasp the differences between letter versions (a/b/g/n) so they purchase the one with the most letters, perpetuating the filling of the limited bandwidth available.

Comment My Computer, One Drive? (Score 4, Funny) 197

I can hear this now:
      "I saved it on one drive."
"Which drive did you save it on?"
      "On my one drive."
"Like your C drive?"

If they hadn't dumped all the Live branding, they could have gone after LiveDrive.

Are copyright laws in Europe stricter about customer confusion? Or is this a case where if they can't use it in one country, MS won't use it anywhere?

Comment It's Not Hate (Score 3, Insightful) 544

It's not hate to want factually incorrect, archaic, dropped-from-the-mainstream facets of Christianity removed from public education in Tennessee and Louisiana.

Only the literalist interpretation of the Bible demands such teachings, but such followers are caught between their own sense of reason and their own faith. Those followers feel if they bend on this, and say the Bible is not perfect, it is the same as denying their entire faith. Most versions of Christianity no longer hold such literal interpretations, so based on the map, it may be a Baptist thing?

Comment Re:Why is this on Slashdot? (Score 5, Interesting) 315

It's on here because Snowden is the biggest whistleblower of his generation, and this article will get generate views and comments for a less-than-interesting Friday afternoon/evening.

Last time I checked, Russia's continual asylum was conditional on not releasing more information, otherwise Snowden had a year to find a new place to avoid a drone strike. One wonders if he made a deal, or the Russians just enjoy annoying the US.

Comment Correlation with One Child Policy? (Score 4, Interesting) 94

There is a longstanding trend in the USA for parents to be ever more cautious about where and what their children do, and it seems to have correlated with the century-long decrease in the number of children per woman. Many kids now spend more time inside than previous generations, so they don't develop as strong social skills as they might have. This allows the Internet to somewhat supplement face-to-face contact, and adds considerable anxiety to going outside.

So I wonder if there is a correlation with China's One Child Policy, where parents may be more likely to shelter their only child? Or is there some other cultural cause?

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