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Feed Brando offers up USB-powered Plasma Ball (

Filed under: Home Entertainment

Yeah, this is just what everyone needed: more pointless electronic rubbish to clutter up your desk. Lacking the charm of other useless USB accessories (USB sushi: it's got cred!), Brando opted to give a regular Plasma Ball the USB connectivity it never wanted. For $16.99, the ability to awe your colleagues and family members with an interactive light show they've seen dozens of times is within your grasp! Hey, at least the base isn't lined with blue LEDs.

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Submission + - Sheild To Block Incoming Wiimote

roninjapan writes: "Are you losing control of your Wiimote? Is it flying dangerously close to your television? Well we have just the product for you (no not super glue) a LCD protective plastic thing. The Taiwan company Lcdarm has made such a product that slips onto your LCD screen (current only 30" and 46" Screens) and when the inevitable happens and you fling your Wiimote at your television the plastic barrier will, in theory protect your"

Feed Nintendo reportedly making Wiis in Japan unmoddable (

Filed under: Gaming

Wii modders have already hit (and overcome) a few snags as a result of changes Nintendo has made to the console, but it doesn't look like the company is ready to give up the fight just yet, now reportedly introducing (as rumored) another round of revisions to stop folks from messing with the Wii's innards. According to at least one retailer in Japan, Nintendo has taken the somewhat drastic step of actually snipping some of the pins from the surface-mounted IC on the Wii's motherboard, making the current crop of modchips virtually useless. Currently, the changes only seem to apply to NTSC-J model Wiis sold in Japan, with no word of any NTSC-U model Wiis suffering the same fate -- although we wouldn't bet on them being immune for long. Of course, all this is of little concern for anyone planning on playing by Nintendo's rules, but the rest of ya may want to grab a moddable Wii while the going's still good -- or at least wait for the inevitable workaround to this latest impediment.

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Submission + - Wii Motherboards Changed to Prevent Piracy

Croakyvoice writes: Nintendo in an effort to stop piracy on its Nintendo Wii Console is now shipping consoles in Japan with 3-pins that are physically cut from a surface-mounted IC, this latest move makes all present Wii modchips incapable of modding the new consoles. As yet this new motherboard change is only showing up in Japan where it has already pushed the price of consoles up.

Feed Wii rage turns 3 year old into (more of a) menace (

Filed under: Gaming

Meet Adam McConnell: Wii enthusiast... future criminal. See the wee lamb purposely (this time) smashed his father's 42-inch plasma after losing in Wii sports. Father Brian left the lad alone playing tennis to get the boy a drink -- presumably, a pint. While in the kitchen the father "heard two big bangs." Brian returned to find his son "using the handset to smash the TV screen." No claims of a broken Wiimote strap this time folks, the responsibility lies in the kind of pure, seething rage only a 3 year old can muster. Oh we feel ya Adam, we feel ya.

[Thanks, Mark A.]

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Linux Business

Submission + - dell installs ubuntu, sells windows

An anonymous reader writes: the fact: dell said they will install ubuntu on their desktops, to give a coiche to the costumers.
real fact: dell still sells you windows, but they just delete it and install ubuntu, or just delete everything. thats right, you still give money to microsoft: dell is basically saying "since we don't know if you will install a pirated copy of windows, we still sell you windows (xp), but we don't give you the licence, since you don't want it" ... O_o

just try asking them what price difference is there between a notebook with windows and the very same notebook without anything.

-sorry, the article i linked below is in italian, and i couldn't find the translation...

Submission + - OpenWii 2.2 now supports DVD

crkian writes: "The people responsible for the open-source Wii mod OpenWii have announced the release of OpenWii v2.2, which includes a DVD upgrade. Those who love the Wii and find the DVD format handy for their archival purposes are probably rejoicing right now. Anyhow, before you go on a DVD spree, they do note that you must still use the setup disk to set the region. Triforce, a member of the OpenWii forums notes that he's tested the new release on a D2A/DMS USA Wii. Here are the results: Wii Originals: Yes Wii Backups: Yes Wii Imports: Not Tested Wii Imports Backups: Not Tested Gamecube Originals: Yes Gamecube Backups 8cm: Not Tested Gamecube Imports: Yes Gamecube Backup Imports 8cm: Not Tested Gamecube Imports Backup 12cm: No rts-dvd/"

Feed Datel Drive Doctor for Wii does statistics and code injection, requires solderin (

Filed under: Gaming, Peripherals

Surely the whole point of purchasing a commercial product to run a few homebrew games or activate a few cheat codes is that there's no soldering required: that's not the case with the Datel Drive Doctor for Wii. The $34.95 Drive Doctor is designed to allow Wii owners to connect their console to their PC with a USB 2.0 cable, enabling you to review the internal statistics of the Wii, eventually run homebrew games, and even inject code "into the data stream ... it's fun!" Unfortunately, the press release mentions that it'll require a little soldering of wires in order to get the little box that clips on the back into a working state. Most people won't find that fun, but then again most people wouldn't find the idea of accidentally injecting code that kills their Wii fun either. We're left thinking that this one's strictly for the intermediate or pro hacker, so stay away if your coding and soldering isn't up to scratch. Us mere mortals will wait for something a little more dumb-consumer friendly, thank you very much.

[Via Nintendo Wii Fanboy]

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Submission + - Google gets a minor facelift

An anonymous reader writes: It appears Google has unveiled a slight revision to its search pages, giving the ubiquitous design a few oh-so-not-Web-1.0 gradients and emphasizing its page results through better use of whitespace. The update was reportedly rolled out systemwide within the past hour, after months of testing a few different designs and soliciting feedback from users. The next step: AJAX?

Feed MySpace Dilemma: Sex Offenders Remain Online (

MySpace has found and deleted "a few thousand" sex offenders since it announced its program to match Megan's Law registries with its user list last December, chief security officer Hemanshu Nigam says. But it looks like thousands more may remain.


Submission + - When does a cyber-attack lead to conventional-war?

Nymz writes: A recent wave of cyber-attacks has been directed at multiple Estonian institutions, including government ministries, political parties, news organizations, and banks. The scope of attacks suggest the entire country is the target, and with no clear solution for dealing with this type of situation, one has to wonder if an escalation to a conventional-attack or war is far off.

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