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Comment Other Office (Score 1) 510

For most uses, KOffice works well (Windows or Linux); GNOME Office (AbiWord, Gnumeric, GIMP, etc.) also work well, but I don't think there is a Powerpoint analog. For Windows computers, the best office package I've found yet is Ashampoo Office -- it's not free, but it's cheap and frequently discounted. Ashampoo being a German software developer, they don't get many writeups in the US, but the few reviews that exist are generally quite positive, and my own experience with their software is extremely positive. I prefer Ashampoo Office to Microsoft Office -- it has nearly all the functions (including Track Changes) yet is much simpler to use, has a cleaner interface, and takes up much less space on whatever hard drive it is installed on.

Comment Re:Any good? (Score 1) 473

When you get it done, it's great. The upgrade is not fixed yet... I always find that waiting two days for the bugs to be ironed out is best (and rarely wait myself). I upgraded from Ubuntu Netbook Edition 10.04 today. It's supposed to load Unity (replacement for UNE interface). It still hasn't. But it did load Gnome Desktop, which I'm quite comfortable with (except that my notebook is supposed to be too old and have too few resources to run Gnome -- but it does, and better than it did 10.04). I have installed Unity. It does not run. The dialog box says there is a driver missing, but neither tells me what driver it is nor makes it easy for me to find and load it. But I'm still a n00b, I'm sure more experienced hackers could fix this. Now I'm wondering what HackToLive will put in for SuperOS 10.10 and how long it will take him to do it?

Comment Re:Bad GUI and no CLI: way too common (Score 1) 617

I used to see DOS as my second language. I have yet to learn enough bash or cshell to blow my nose with. The books I have tried to learn from are as abstruse as if they were written in Hmong. Any suggestions? Right now, I'm running Ubuntu simply because I rarely need to go into Terminal -- and when I do, I can usually find someone in ubuntuforums.org to tell me what to type, which is not really a learning process (other than learning how to ask the question to get a good answer).

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