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Comment Re:Fooling body sensory and temp regulation system (Score 2) 86

Whatever could go wrong with that?

I wondered about that. Is your level of thermal comfort directly related to the difference between your body temp and your desired body temp. If you are sweating to keep cool and feeling hot and yuck, will making you feel nice by cooling your wrist turn down/off your sweating, resulting in dangerous overheating, or will it just make you feel better but keep the sweat pouring out? I'm sure TFA has the details but I didn't read it when it originally appeared on slashdot so i'm sure not reading the dupe.

Comment Re:Body hacking (Score 3, Informative) 86

Another way to cool off in hot weather is to wet your arms down with cold water but not dry them off. The water will evaporate, drawing heat out of your arms in some natural air conditioning.

At night before we had any form of cooling i'd put our top sheet in the washing machine on rinse and then spin it enough so it wouldn't drip. With the ceiling fan on fairly low it generated enough evaporative cooling that we could get a good nights sleep. Of course if it was hot and humid we just ended up feeling yuck, but most of the heat here is fairly dry.

Comment Re:Body hacking (Score 1) 86

There's another similar body hack for those of us with trouble regulating your temperature while sleeping and tend to overheat and start sweating under your blankets: simply sleep with your hands and/or feet sticking out from under the blanket. This will let your body better regulate its core temperature using its natural mechanisms of pumping more blood closer to the skin for more cooling, or drawing blood away from the skin to retain heat and maintain proper core temperature. Hey, it's this "one simple weird trick" for better sleep, on the internet... who would have thunk it?

I'll have to try that. When I'm even slightly unwell I feel extra cold so I pile on the blankets, but then wake up shortly after drenched in sweat. Maybe it will improve circulation in my feet too... although feet getting cold supposedly makes you want to urinate more.

Comment Re:I donâ(TM)t suppose... (Score 1) 622

Doesn't seem that way.

I mean, seriously? What kind of journalist, investigating malfeasance by federal agencies, would have the names of her sources in plain text? Sounds like someone on the local newspaper who would ordinarily be writing the horoscopes and gardening news.

I hear what you are saying, but this seems like blaming the victim in a rape case. Sure, the reporter could have taken steps to ensure the safety of her records, but the fact that the government can abuse their power so completely makes any of the records keeping issues completely irrelevant. I mean if they were encrypted how much would it matter anyway? They could just lock her up until she handed over the keys - she is protecting a threat to national security and is therefore a terrorist.

Any speculation about "she should have encrypted her files" takes attention away from the bigger problems

I sometimes wonder if the US government is really that much worse than mine (Australia), or if my government is just better at keeping this stuff quiet...

Comment Re:Antarctica (Score 1) 167

So what if you are stationed at a base in Antarctica, right at the very geographic south pole? Your whole body could be straddling every time zone at once.

Not quite. On the east code of Australia we have timezones for Queensland, New South Wales/Victoria, and Hobart. That's three timezones for approximately the same longitude. The reason is that DST makes no sense for Queensland, but does for NSW/Victoria/Hobart, but Hobart is far enough south that different start/stop times for DST are more appropriate there.

So even if you were at the south pole in the same longitude as the east coast of Australia, you wouldn't be in any of the Australian timezones. (unless Hobart is considered to extend all the way down to the south...)

Comment Re:More Noise (Score 1) 443

I wish electric cars made more noise, not less. I am a runner and some day I am going to get killed by a Prius from behind.

Is the engine noise really that loud on most ICE cars? At the sort of speeds where getting hit by a car from behind is a possibility, isn't road noise loud enough? Unless it's windy or something, but if the wind is coming from the right direction you might not hear anything anyway. I put it to you that if you are out for a run and you have to hear a car to avoid being killed by it then maybe you should review a few things about your run...

Comment Re:Missing option: (Score 1) 443

I don't care if there are 14 lanes and you are the only car on the road. You should be in the far right lane. If there is another car, you should still be in the far right lane unless you are passing the car, in which case you should be in the lane just left of the far right lane. There is no "cruising lane" like the lazy people who assume the middle lane is for people just going along their merry way. Here's a hint. If you are getting passed on the right, YOU are in the wrong, not the overtaking vehicle.

In Australia the rule for any highway with a speed limit 80kph (~50mph) or faster is "keep left unless overtaking" (we drive on the left over here), although that rule is removed if traffic in all lanes is congested. Sometimes we have a "slow vehicles use left lane" on a steep climb so the trucks can sit left while they struggle up the hills.

Most people will try and avoid the left lane on multi-lane freeway's though, despite the above rule. Cars will exit and enter from the left so it makes good sense to keep out of that lane so incoming traffic can merge more easily. Also our freeways tend to add and remove the left lane quite frequently - "left lane ending" is a common sign to see, so keeping in the second-from-the-left lane is a good strategy (unless there are only two lanes so nobody can go around you to the right - then it's a stupid strategy). You get the odd tosser who does a lane change a minute, but most of the time they don't get in anyone's way, and don't usually have a hissy fit when someone is in the "wrong" lane. Myself, I just set the speed limiter to the posted speed and (mostly) focus on what's in front. If you get boxed in behind me for a few km then you are going to arrive at your destination a few seconds later - if that causes you stress then you might need to work on that - i'm not going to try and squeeze into that tiny gap on the left just for you. If the road is all clear though you won't be stuck behind me because i will be in one of the left lanes so you can easily go around.

I do remember getting very frustrated one night on the way home behind a car who decided to just sit in the right lane with nothing else on the road apart from the car we'd just overtaken. I flashed my lights, beeped my horn, nothing. My reaction surprised me because stuff like that doesn't normally bother me. I felt like overtaking on the left, moving into the right, and slamming on the brakes. I didn't though. I overtook on the left and went on my way, and told myself to keep my cool a little better next time.

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