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Comment Re:Not the same, in several aspects (Score 2, Informative) 451

Plus there's no expectation that FedEx would (or should) have access to the *contents* of your mail,

Seeing as I accidentally replied to the wrong post...

Yes, there is. When you get a shipping account from FedEx, you explicitly allow them to open and inspect any package at any time for any reason.

Comment Re:Stop using FedEx (Score 1) 451

I have worked (as a courier, as well as on the docks) for FedEx ground for over 5 years during my life.

When you sign up for a shipping account, you authorize FedEx to open your shipment. Some of this, IIRC, is to cover for cases of package damage and the need for FedEx to repackage your goods. I've seen cases of their shipping centers opening a dropped off package because they had reason to suspect the shipper was sending alcohol, which in most cases requires a special permit and is governed by some strict regulation.

In general, to cover themselves, they reserve the right to open and inspect any package. I'm fairly certain that so does UPS. I'm not sure about the Post Office.


Paro the Therapeutic Robot Baby Seal 52

Mike writes "Paro is a therapeutic baby seal robot that is exploring new dimensions in animal therapy. Created to act as a companion for hospital patients and the elderly, the adorable baby harp seal bot aims to increase relaxation and decrease stress. Paro can sense and respond to its immediate environment through five integrated sensors that detect touch, light, sound, temperature, and posture, and it is even capable of learning and responding to a name."

Comment Re:That's what you get... for not using FedEx (Score 1) 238

I said it was the closest, not a price match. Take a look at the area of next day delivery service you get from FedEx Ground (or UPS for that matter, they're almost identical). Compare that to where you can send something next day USPS.

The post had 2 parts. One, that comparing $30 express service to 42c envelope service through the USPS was a useless comparison ( at least compare USPS priority services) and two, that the USPS is much slower in getting those 42c envelopes delivered than even the cheaper FedEx services, which means you have to add that value judgment into the equation.

Comment Re:That's what you get... for not using FedEx (Score 1) 238

Sure, I can have a great web-server if I'm like FedEx and charge $30 to mail an envelope.

If FedEx is charging you $30 to mail an envelope:

  • You're shipping it FedEx Express, not FedEx Ground.
  • You're sending it a decent distance away, or you've stuffed a 200 page document in that "envelope"
  • You're paying for Signature options, time-specific delivery, or any other host of options.

FedEx Ground is the only REAL comparison to the mail service if you're going to base it off 42 cent stamps. Ground from where I'm at covers most of the STATE in one day, and a good portion of neighboring states. It takes me 2 to 3 days to get an envelope to my parents 3 hours away.

Compare apples to apples, please.

Disclaimer: I have worked for FedEx in the past, and have a somewhat unfortunate detailed understanding of how the pricing works.

Comment Re:yeah (Score 1) 260

I find it interesting that you are complaining about the last eight years in the US, yet the article is about Europe...

I'm referencing the U.S. because I'm a resident of the U.S., and have more knowledge of the U.S. government's various malfeasances than I do of the U.K.'s.

And no one was "complaining". I was merely pointing out that the OP's claim that a government is somehow more trustworthy than a "grey hat" is patently absurd.

IMO, it shows the anti-US sentiment, apparently because of the US's more or less high position in the world, as opposed to many European countries that are trying to rival it with the EU, etc., but failing.

IMO, you're reading way too much into my remarks, Sparky.

And yet, The UK and Europe have far worse "wire-tapping" sorts of things than the US. But it's not in vogue to complain about it anywhere but in the US, it seems.

Could you please explain your point, seeing as how you have seemed to have made mine for me at this juncture?

Comment Re:More Information? (Score 1) 260

Granted....I'm just making the suggestion based upon the available information that says a Trojan will be involved, which will almost certainly be only written in the M$ flavor...90% of market share and all...

However, as interest in Linux increases, it's only a matter of time before The Powers That Be take notice, and mucking with a repository would be a great way to snare an unsuspecting Linux user. All the more reason to support the growing Paranoid Linux movement...I don't know exactly how effective this sort of thing would be in the real world, but unfortunately, it looks like we're going to have to find out.

Comment Re:Wow! (Score 0) 260

But, of course, if your machine is behind a firewall, they'll just outlaw having firewall because it impedes their ability to investigate you for crimes.

Actually, if you live in Michigan, this has already happened.

Unless this law has been repealed since 2003 (and I've been unable to find any evidence that it has), then I and everyone I know is a felon.

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